@ohayman: A fashion photographer on Foap.

We caught up with Oren Hayman, an Isreali, self-taught fashion and beauty photographer and an avid Foaper. We loved his profile and we were curious of the appeal Foap had to a pro fashion photographer. Here’s our fireside chat with Oren. Ok, it was actually a Facebook message exchange, but an interesting chat nonetheless. Below is a sample of Oren’s work and our Q&A.

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Oren, tell us a little bit about yourself: where are you from, where do you live, what do you do?

I’m 36 years old, born and live in Israel, and I’m a self-taught photographer. I was an IT Director for about 10 years before I’ve picked up on photography. I decided to pursue the dream of making a living of something I actually like doing… so I quit my job and today I have my own studio shooting portraits of models, actors, arts and fashion.

When did you take your first photo? What was it of?

Well, that depends on what you consider “first”. When I was younger, I was the school newsletter photographer, so my first photo was probably of a bunch of students messing around in the school lab. About 7 years ago, I came back to photography, bought myself a digital camera and fell in love all over again. My first photo then was of a swan I took at the lake. I kept it to this day. Just as a souvenir.

As a fashion and beauty photographer, why did you find the idea of Foap interesting?

For a number of reasons: Firstly, it’s by far the easiest way to sell your work, and for photographers, this is heaven! You just showcase your photography and if someone likes it – he buys it. Simple as that. Secondly, I like the idea that someone is buying my work, for ads, for a restaurant, for a living room. Every time my photos get sold – I get excited like it’s the first time. Thirdly, I like the idea that Foap is engaging photographers through missions.

You’ve also sold quite a few pictures through Foap and, I imagine, not through Foap as well. Have you run into your photos in ads? Where?

Yes I did. Mostly online, for jewelry and cosmetics. A few years back, I saw an IKEA table that had a print of my photo! Its always fun to see.

Where or how do you come up with the concept for your photos?

For most of my shoots I don’t plan ahead. I don’t like to. Plans tend to fail and frankly, it takes the fun out of it! I like to work with what I have and let the magic happen naturally. The best ideas come when I connect with my photographic subject.

We’re working hard on a new, improved, better Foap app. What’s something you would change to make the Foap experience better?

I truly love the Foap app. Honestly, I can’t think of anything to improve.

Thanks for your time Oren! We love the #foaplove! (But all rest assured, we will be working on a new app regardless.)

Check out Oren’s work on Foap and his online portfolio!

Foap on!

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