City Love Mission: $300 in rewards!

Hi Foapers!

We have a new Mission for you: City Love. We would love to see your photos of young adults in urban settings. Check out the Mission description and the example photos below for inspiration and join the Mission in the Foap App.

The winner will get $300. Have fun and we are looking forward to seeing your photos!

The Mission

There’s something unique about living in an urban environment – the fast pace, the culture, the sites and sounds. For this mission we are looking to capture young adults (25-40) in action in an urban setting – namely walking the streets, taking the subway, eating and drinking out with friends, working out in the local park, or just sitting at home and enjoying their quiet sanctuary. Emphasis should be on individual(s) authentically enjoying their moment, with special attention to their style and shoot location.

Inspirational images

Foap-fashion_city_light_yellow_by_JIOO Foap-Happy_moment (1) Foap-Selfie_sunset

Foap-Best_friends (1) Foap-Black_and_white_man Foap-bicycle_jeans_bike_hipster_by_mhzhao (1) Foap- (71)

Foap-Couple_tourists_taking_photo_landscape_with_camera_phone_on_park__Happy_cheerful_young_multicultural_couple_friends_on_travel_ (1) Foap-Hair_model_ Foap-Girl_reading_a_book_on_the_bed

Join now in the Foap app!

Don’t know how to join the Mission? It’s easy! Download the Foap app on the App Store or Google Play.

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