Deanna, Catherine and Rafael – meet the winners in KFC:s latest Mission

As all photographers know, food photography is quite tricky. When KFC reached out to us we were very open with them that their Mission idea was a bit challenging.

The amazing Foap Community has shown many times before that basically they can pull off anything when it comes to branded content, lifestyle photography and location based Missions. So we took on KFC’s Mission challenge and like always, the Foap Community produced some amazing photos with great creative spectrum and styles. Foapers never stop surprising brand managers and marketers all over the world.

Today we want to highlight and congratulate the three winners that the KFC Marketing team selected. A big congrats to Deanna, Catherine and Rafael!

We have reached out to them with some few questions. Join us and learn more about these awesome Foapers!

Name: Deanna Hammond
Username: @deanna93
Location: Nottingham, Great Britain
Reward: $100

Big congratulations Deanna on being one of the three winners. Your photo has a quite different and creative style, we guess you put a little thinking and effort to it, we would love to know how your were thinking? It is quite different then all the other photos in the Mission.
I thought about setting all my KFC out and taking an Ariel shot at first and as I was doing it my Wife Sophie said she could smell the delicious chicken and decided to take a piece haha. I was about to stop her but the photo looked good so I took the shot.

The Million Dollar question. Who’s hand is it?
It’s my wives Sophie, who is @mitchgoogle here on Foap 🙂

Foap-Help_yourself_ (1)

Name: Rafael Bonomi
Username: @bonomi.
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Reward: $100

Big congratulations Rafael on winning your first Mission.You seem to have a great time in this photo, who are all of these people in this photo? We would love to hear the story behind it, where is it taken etc?
The People in the picture are all my friends, we where hanging out at the mall having fun and eating at KFC and I just took some  picture in the right moment. It feel super exciting to win my first Mission.

You are quite new to Foap and have already won a Mission. How did you found out about Foap and how is the feeling to win your first Mission?
A friend of mine told me about Foap and I got curious. When I saw the KFC Mission in the app I decided to participate. And when I found out I had won, I was really happy.


Name: Catherine Douma
Username: @catherine.douma
Location: Atlanta, The Unites States of America.
Reward: $100

Congratulations Catherine on the Mission win! It’s always nice to hear the stories behind a photo? What’s the story behind this photo?
The story behind this photo.. to be honest that was our first time ever eating KFC, I bought it just to take pictures for this mission. I told Chanel we’d go on a picnic. I didn’t even ask her to pose or do anything special for the pictures. If she likes what she’s eating, she puts on a huge show and she obviously loved the chicken!

You have a quite personal photography style. If you could share one of yours photography secrets, what would that be?
Photography secret.. that’s hard. I guess one would have to be, don’t force the shot especially when you’re shooting kids. Candids always look better and when it comes to kids, they are much happier.

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Big Congratulations to all of you and thank you to all Foapers that joined the KFC Mission!

Happy Foaping!

– The Foap Team

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