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How to get Foap Coins and win bigger rewards?

Premium Missions, which you will find in the app, give you a chance to earn higher rewards than Free Missions. Sounds awesome, right?

However, to join a Premium Mission, you’ll need to invest by spending some of your Foap Coins for each uploaded photo.

But what if you don’t have enough Foap Coins?

Here are at least three easy ways you can get Foap Coins:

1. You can just buy them (Menu -> Foap Coins)

2. You can watch ads and earn Foap Coins (also Menu -> Foap Coins) Just one ad video gets you 5 Foap Coins, so it’s a pretty good deal if you ask us.

3. Participate in other missions for a chance to win Foap Coins

Which of these possibilities seems like the best option for you?

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      Hi Estelle! Here’s a quick guide on how to add photos to a mission:
      1. Open the Foap App on your phone.
      2. Scroll through missions and choose the mission you want to participate in.
      3. Read the mission description carefully and click “+” or “Join mission” at the bottom of your screen.
      4. Choose photos from your phone gallery, add tags and descriptions.
      5. Done! Your photos are uploaded to the mission!

      I hope this helps, good luck!

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      Hi there! We’re so excited that you decided to join a mission and upload your photo! Once a photo is uploaded to a mission, you have to wait for the end of the mission. Only then the photos go through the curation process. So be patient and soon you’ll find out if you’re among the lucky winners!

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      Hi there! Here’s a step by step guide:
      1. Open the Foap App on your phone and log in
      2. Click “Menu” in the bottom right corner
      3. Click “Foap Coins”
      4. Choose the amount of coins you want to buy
      5. Confirm your purchase
      6. Done!

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