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How are winners chosen?

by @djmon1que on Foap

Have you ever wondered how winning photos are chosen? Well, keep on reading 📖

In branded missions, the winners are chosen by the brand and for Foap Missions it’s the Foap Curation Team that chooses the photos.

  • Foap Curation Teams chooses the winning photos based on how well they match the mission brief and their overall quality.
  • But we also wanted to include you, Foapers, in helping us choose the winners.
  • You can help us decide by rating the photos you like best.
  • The photos with more ratings will be considered first.
  • ALL photos are still curated by the Foap Team and ALL photos are considered
  • If the Curation Team can’t decide between 2 curated photos, they might use the number of votes to help them pick

We found that this is a way to balance classic curation with community voting, but in a more fair way than the Creators Awards, which Foapers were skeptical about. This way, you can take part in the process without anyone having any unfair advantage.

Does this mean that only the photos with most ratings will win? No. Our curation team will still go through ALL the photos to make sure we don’t miss out on any awesome shots, so don’t worry!

📌 Our tip:

Vote on your favourite photos to give them a better chance of being chosen. Communicate with other users in the comments, share your opinion and ideas on how to create the best content. And most importantly, remember to be kind!

What do you think about this idea? Share your thoughts in the comments!📲

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  1. 1

    So average photo rating is not important? If there will be 2 photos with the same number of votes but #1 will be 4.9 and #2 will be 3.0 what will you do? Which photo will you choose?

    • 2

      This is very unlikely, but if it does happen, the Foap Curation team will still NOT take into account the rating. We believe that this way, no one will want to rate other people’s photos low to increase their own chances of winning.

  2. 3

    Ho foap team I sent email regarding the money I withdraw but still it’s processing. Your foap team promise me to receive it in October 1,2021 but it’s still October 4 now I don’t receive payment.

  3. 6

    99% of the time when i want to use FOAP app message “Sorry, our server having problems. Please try again later” appears. No chance to leave a comment, rate somebody’s picture or even check your own profile/photos. I feel left out! Please fix this issue.
    P.S. I am located n Canada

  4. 8

    I used to enjoy photographing for Foap as I knew the panel who chooses winners and winning photos choices are based on whose photos met the brief and were well executed.

    However, it is clear from the last few missions winners that winning photos are selected based on who has the most friends, not who has the best photo.

    This means if you don’t have enough Facebook/Instagram/foap friends, you don’t have a chance off winning. Which, for me, no point to then enter the mission as I photograph for the love of creating for the mission, but unfortunately I don’t have enough friends to help me win.

    I am sad that you decided to change the way you select winners.

    • 9
    • 10

      Hi Liza, maybe we were not precise in some of our communication, but you don’t need to worry. The number of votes is just a factor to be considered by our Curation Team. They will still go through all the photos and only photos matched with a brief can win. They still will choose photos that will win the mission, but if they will have any doubts, they will choose a photo with more votes. Is it possible that photos with no votes will win? Yes, it is if it will be with no doubts the best one 🙂

      If you want to get more votes you don’t need to look for friends in other places, just vote for others’ photos on Foap, comment and be kind, and these Foapers will also want to make you the same, as Jennifer noted below. This way you will not only get votes, but also you’ll find other awesome photographers, and you will be able to learn from each other.

    • 11
  5. 12

    Please clarify, how do the fotos if you’re in the missions? I have sent a request to your support but did not receive any help. I uploaded photos to the missions: “welcome to foap” and “portrait of a plant”, but my photos remained only on the tab “ALL” and never appeared on the tab “ACCEPTED”. Neither I see my photos on the mission’s page. How can I be sure that photos that I uploaded are being considered and seen by other users for rating and by foap team for judging? Very frustrated about all that. Thanks in advance for your answer. Anna

    • 13

      Thank you for this comment, Anna. Our support provides answers to most of the questions within 24 hours (Mon-Fri). Can you provide your ticket ID? We will check what happened with the answer.

      About your question …

      All photos uploaded by you to a mission, are visible in the “All” tab in the “My Photos” section. If you see photos here it means that our Curation Team / Brand can also see them.

      When a Brand is creating a mission, they can decide will all uploaded photos be visible to all users, or only photos chosen by them. If they will choose the second option, you will see chosen photos in the “Accepted” tab, and only accepted photos will be visible to the others and available for voting.


      All photos published in Premium Missions and in missions created by “Foap Missions” do NOT need to be accepted. All photos there are visible just after you upload them. Even if there are no photos in the “Accepted” tab.”

      If you want to check it by yourself, go to the mission where you uploaded photos, touch the “Photos” link (NO “My Photos”), and check the “Submitted” tab. All Photos visible in the Submitted tab are visible to all users.

      I understand that this “Accepted” tab can be misleading and I’m sorry for that, we will try to improve this in the future. Please let me know if there is anything not clear here.

  6. 16

    Hi, there was an interesting post on the Facebook page from a Foap user regarding how winners are chosen, I’ve also commented on it to, so it would be good if your team could check that out
    Also I’d like to know more about how photos are accepted on non-premium mission. I recently won a reward in the true photos/true nature mission and while I’m not complaining about the win, it was even the best or highest rated photo I had submitted, let alone other people! So I would be interested in what leads to a photo being rejected from the mission. Likewise in the recent Portrait of a Plant mission, so far only one of my images has been accepted as yet, again I am not sure what makes that photo more suitable to qualify than any of the others. So a blog post on why some photos are not accepted would be helpful

  7. 22

    I agree with Liza., and thanks, Marie for posting the link for my comment. I am reposting it here:

    Most of us would rate somebody’s photos just to return the favor and not really because they are, as you state, “the photos you like best.” This is simply a human tendency: “You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours” or “You rate me with 5 stars, and I’ll rate you with 5 stars.”

    Some rate other photos because they have become friends in Foap, and I like it when people become friends here. I like the idea of being kind to one another and the sense of community. However, these ratings are no longer objective, but quickly become very subjective based on friendship or favors.

    What about other Foapers who don’t have all the time to sit down and just rate everyone’s photos, but submit great and creative shots resulting in having very few votes? Each one of us has other priorities in life beyond rating hundreds of photos, in addition to watching all your ads! Therefore, this rule is really *not fair* as you mention here, and actually does result in some having “an unfair advantage.”

    I enjoy Foap and I love participating in all your missions. I still prefer the original rules even though I know that it’s really hard to win. I also assume that you have a very experienced and professional Curation Team in Foap which I would rather trust than most of us who start as amateur newbies

    I really don’t believe in running a *popularity contest* which is very subjective and definitely biased as you “want to include us in helping you choose the winners.” as it is based on “more ratings” via those who like us and rate us in return.

    I have a practical suggestion that would truly make the Foap Missions “a more fair way than the Creators Awards” and make a level playing field:

    Just allow a Foaper to cast his/her vote on each photo once (from *already curated photos* by the Foap Curation Team) after matching the brief guidelines and quality standards of the photos, and without the names of the photographers attached, to avoid bias and favoritism. Only then, I believe, “the process” will be truly fair and avoid “anyone having an unfair advantage.”

    I agree with you that promoting community and kindness in this platform is a good idea (which is already happening, I believe, even before this new rule). Just separate this from the voting process to promote a genuinely healthy competition.

    • 23

      This detailed feedback is absolutely awesome. Thank you, Jennifer, a lot!

      I love what you’ve said about creating friends and community on Foap, and actually, this is the most important of our goals behind this voting thing.

      I’m thrilled that some of Foapers trust our Curation Team so much that they want us to make 100% decisions about who wins missions, but there were in the past some suggestions from other Foapers that “the Curation Team is choosing always the same people” and we’re listening to feedback from all Foapers, and this is another reason why we’re changing how winners are chosen.

      To be clear, please let me highlight what Maria’s wrote in her blog post:

      For now, the number of votes is just a factor to be considered by our Curation Team when they choosing the winners from photos matched with a brief. Is it possible that the mission will be won by photo with no votes? Yes, it is.

      So no one needs to worry that if you have no votes and you’re not well known in Foap you can’t win. Yes, you can.

      We’re listening to your feedback, and we want you all, Foapers, to play a role in the Foap Community. If you have any ideas on how to make it happen – we’re open to discussion.

      • 24

        Oh, finally I see my comment here and I appreciate your reply. Well, if this is true (that is, you also consider low votes with great photos), then I may participate again in missions. I have been putting a lot of my time already into Foap, and adding a new rule of voting would consume even more precious time. Watching ads is already extremely time-consuming just to submit an entry, so I feel that it is unfair that such precious time is a wasted and ones efforts futile as he/she would only be voted out just because he/she cannot return all the favors. I’m glad Foap is listening and trying to improve.

        • 25

          Actually, I have proof! 😀 One of the photos that won the recent “Color: Red” mission, the one from calvin_de_fotografia, currently has 281 votes (awarding a photo makes it popular), but only had 7 votes at the time of the award.

          I understand you completely, Jennifer and I am so glad that you are coming back to our missions, it made my Monday better. Thx! 🙂

  8. 26

    Hi, I’ve sold pics on bad quests for a while now and I’m not seeing anything anymore… I’m always reviewing colleagues’ pics and making great comments on their pics, please want to sell

  9. 27

    FOAP FOAP of my heart Changes this way winning photos are those with the most votes, but choose the most beautiful and creative photos.

    • 28

      Hi Daniele, Thank you for being so committed to our community! We love seeing your comments on Instagram and within the app 😊
      As we mentioned in the blog post, we still choose the best and most creative photos. Just in some cases we might take the number of votes into consideration, but our curation team still makes the choices based on the quality of the photo, so no need to worry.
      Keep posting your best photos and good luck!

  10. 29

    hi even though i didn’t win missions with high payout i won’t give up! I keep evaluating and commenting until I win a mission! I will do it!

  11. 30

    I’m new here. I’m still trying to figure out how you get votes? I have liked others photos and put my photos on Facebook. I don’t use the other sites that’s on this list. So how are you supposed to get noticed? I just did a huge job for a company, I’m wanting to take this very seriously and not sure how to go about getting my photos out there for others to view them and see if I even have a eye for what I’m trying to pursue. So needed feedback is necessary in these photos so we know what exactly you are looking for and if what I’m posting is close. Thanks again!!

    • 31

      Hi Stephanie! Thanks so much for your comment. The photos you upload to missions are available for others to see and rate within the Foap app. Just open Foap on your phone, click on a mission and choose “Photos” tab. You can rate the photos using stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and comment on them. Upload your photos to missions so others can do the same for you! Good luck 😉

  12. 32

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