August competition!

Hello Foapers! We are very excited to bring to Foap an August competition!

The Rules are very simple:

  • The competition starts now! The Top 3 users that upload the biggest number of photos by the end of August to Foap, will get $2500 in total rewards!#1: $1500#2: $500#3: $500
  • The uploaded photos need to be TOP RANKED.
  • All photo uploads counts! (Foap Marker & Foap Missions)
  • Users that upload stolen photos, will be disqualified from the competition and deleted from Foap.
  • You can not upload the same photo over and over again. Also you can not take photos of the same subject with slight differences and upload them. They need to be different from each other.

What does it mean to be TOP RANKED:

Top Ranked photos are those photos that you have given a caption, have at least 5 tags and you have answered a question if there are people in your photo. These photos are ranked as Excellent! In order to get it to TOP RANKED, you need to be a PayPal Verified user! Then all your Excellent photos status will switch to TOP RANKED!
In order to get verified, you need to go to the “More” tab if you are on iPhone or to “Settings” on Android and click on “Verification”.

Why are we running this competition?

We know that most users start selling a significant amount of photos once they reach at least 750+ images at Foap. To increase your earnings we also recommend you to have a broad portfolio including several different topics (the more the better). It can be everything from broad themes such as dogs, pets, nature, family, victory and occasions such as Halloween, to very specified areas cups such as green cups, red lips, blue carpet and sunset at Venice Beach, California.

The top 20 Foapers (the leaders in the competition) will be presented on a daily basis here.




  1. Why the list is being updated everyday at different time?

This list is going to be updated everyday (except weekends) around 10.30 a.m. according to time zone in Central Europe (GMT+2) which means: 4.30 a.m. (GMT-4) in New York, 1.30 a.m. in California (GMT-7), 4.30 p.m. in Singapore (GMT+8) and 6.30 p.m. in Sydney (GMT+10).

  1. On the first day one person uploaded 800 pics, how it is possible?
            First day the numbers were wrong because of a bug chewing some cables. It will never happen again. Right now the list is updated correctly.
  2. What’s with the changing photo rankings?
    Some glitch happened in our system and we are currently working on it, should be back to normal very soon. Once it’s figured out everyone’s photos will turn to “Top ranked” and will be counted (provided they were tagged and captioned, and all legal questions were answered before).
  3. What’s with the captions and tagging?
    Captions and tags should make sense and add value to the photo. Users that are taking shortcuts by adding meaningless captions and tags will be contacted by our content team.
  4. Why are there so many pictures that look almost same and are they counted?
    As it was stated in the initial post: You can not upload the same photo over and over again. Also you can not take photos of the same subject with slight differences and upload them. They need to be different from each other.
    Our content team will evaluate photos of top users if there is a sufficient diversity of content added.
  5. What is the goal of the competition?
    The aim of the competition was to activate our community and encourage users to upload more great photos. We know that the chances of sale increase with the number of photos uploaded. Also, it’s fun.
  6. What is Foap position on quantity vs. quality?
    The more amazing photos the better! In all user generated content platform there will be the issue with some low quality  content. This is why we ask you, our community, to rate photos – so the best photos can be identified.

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