Visit Estonia has 2 new Missions!

Hello Foapers!  Today we have launched 2 new Missions with Visit Estonia! Share your snaps if you have visited Estonia or if you live there!  Total rewards of $400!


People Traveling in Estonia
Estonia is an amazing country to visit in the summer and in the winter. We want to see people and families having fun all over Estonia all year round!
People should not pose for the photos and they pictures should look natural and spontaneous.
Hi resolution pics only
Try to include beautiful backgrounds too to show the natural beauty of Estonia

Secrets of Kalamaja, Tallinn
Kalamaja is a subdistrict in Tallinn, Estonia. It’s very popular with people as there a lot of attractions and activities to do there hence the name “hipsterville”. We want to see photos from that district with buildings or people just having fun.
The people should not pose for the picture, they should feel natural and spontaneous.
You can include winter photos too.


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