A chat with the winner of Foap Mission: Photowall

Congratulations for winning Photowall’s Foap Mission, Nico.campo! We have had a chat with the lucky winner:


1. Tell us about the winning photo…

I had just noticed about about the Photowall Foap Mission and I was walking through “Galleria Umbero I” in Turin. So I thought that it can be source of inspiration for a designer and I shot a photo. After a light post production (some minor adjustaments on saturation and sharpness) the photo was ready to be posted…  

2. What kind of photos do you use to take?

I’m primarily a sport photographer (I don’t use iPhone for this) but I love also portraits and urban life photography. (See his portfolio at Foap here)

3. Do you have any tips for taking iPhone pictures indoor?

The major problem of indoor photography is the poor light. You can solve it by using flash but the built-in flash isn’t a professional flash. I suggest to use it only if you have no other options. For a major stability you can hold the camera with two hand (you can shoot using volume buttons). Also avoid digital zoom: it will cause a lack of sharpness in your photo. And, of course, keep your lens clean 🙂

4. How often do you snap photos with your iPhone? Is it an every day habit?

Of course it’s an every day habit. The major advantage of iPhone photography is that your “camera” is alway with you and you can shoot every time you see something.

Thank you! And again – Congratulations!

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