Missions, Winners Announced

Check out the winners of country challenge

The best Foapers (users who sold the most number of photos) just picked the best images on Foap from the recent country challenge. The winner, with 64% of the votes is clear!

The Best Photo on Foap

1st place ($200 and 200 Foap Coins). The best photo of Turkey (above) by serdar.aydin (64% of votes!)


2nd place ($100 and 100 Foap Coins)
The Best Photo of Ukraine by alusa92 (7% of votes)


3rd place ($50 and 50 Foap Coins)
The Best Photo of Canada by dmd3610 (5% of votes)

Congratulations to all Winners! You can check out all 10 finalists and who won rewards for the best comments. We also gave away rewards-surprises for $5 each for the first 20 users, who uploaded good quality photos on May 13, after 3:11 PM CET.

See you soon on another country challenge!


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    Im 2d winner in this mission. When I get money? My PayPal account is working. Support team dont answer me

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      Hi Alina, I checked your complaints. Aga and Mateusz from our support team responded to your questions. There is an issue with PayPal services in your country. It looks like they’re not allowed besides “payments from friends and family”, so not from companies like Foap. You can read more about it for example here: https://edition.cnn.com/2022/03/18/tech/paypal-ukraine/index.html

      I understand that this situation can frustrate you. We’re also not happy about it. It was caused by the decisions of PayPal, over which we had no influence, but we strongly believe that this PayPal decision is not fair to you and the people in your country, and we’re looking for non-standard ways to send you your rewards. Please, give us a few more days, we’re on your side, Alina.

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