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Editors’ Choice: Photo of the Week

Great photography is at the heart of Foap, and there are plenty of amazing photographers in our community. We want to highlight them and their work and let you get to know them and learn from them.

We will choose the best photo on each Thursday, and the talented winner will not only get money but also have their photo featured on the cover of next week’s edition and on our social media channels.

Only exceptional curated photos will appear in the app, so come take a look and get inspired! And if you think you have some amazing photos to share, don’t hesitate to upload them.








































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    I’m having a hard time putting my photos in the missions. Can you anyone please help me. Not to good with electronics.

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      Hi Charlene! In order to participate in the mission, please locate it under the missions tab of your app and click “Unlock” and then choose “Pay” to unlock the upload for the Mission using the Foap Coins you have. Once you’ve done it you will be able to upload 1 photo to a Mission.
      Click “Join Mission” (on iOS) button or a circled “+” icon (on Android) and choose a photo to upload. You can only upload 1 photo at a time. Please reach out at support@foap.com if you need any more help, thanks! 🙂

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      Hi, “Editors’ Choice: Photo of the Week” is a special mission where only photos chosen by our team are visible (you can find this information in the mission description), and our team is sometimes picky! 😉 Good luck with other missions!

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    It is my pleasure to see your countries through photis,you ladies and gentlemen! It makes me very entertained…

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    This is the amazing and nice picture .it doesn’t explain any word but it’s photography explain everything … Soul of the heart

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    Does your team really think that my photos are unworthy of being in the Editors’ Choice mission? It is very strange and insulting that even those photos of mine that were in the top of the 35AWARDS international photo contest are ignored on your website and not published on the mission page… ((

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    So awesome. I love looking at everyone’s photos! So many different perspectives. It really inspires you to look around and be creative.

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