3 new Missions by Hotel Indigo!

Hi Foapers! Our friends at Hotel Indigo just launched 3 new exciting Missions!
300$ in total rewards! Check them out below and join them in the Foap app.

Happy Foaping! 🙂

Mission 1: Everyday Inspiration

With this mission, we’re looking for photography shot from a first-person perspective that highlights the ‘art’ that can be found in everyday objects and views. So pick up your cameras and show us your favorite place to put your feet up and dream, document the beauty that can be found in steam rising from a cup of hot soup or share a creative candid of friends hanging out in a neighborhood park.  The only requirement is that the image evoke the senses and intrigue the viewer with rich detail and a refreshing perspective on the everyday. Please no selfies or pictures of kids


Example Photos

Rome_Inviting Shop INDG_Neighborhood Green Door_CHI_exp 1 Oct 2016_LO RES


Mission 2: Local Architecture

Hotel Indigo is inspired by the neighborhood, and with this mission we want to capture the rich architecture, building styles and decorative elements that make your local streets unique. The goal is to see these buildings from a beautiful new angle—yours! So whether it’s a unique perspective on a modern skyscraper, an up close view of colorful tiled steps, or a breathtaking view from an art deco window, please share. We’re looking for images that tell an intimate story about each place—so think a shallow depth of field for wider shots while tight detail shots should be crisp and clear. Please no expansive city skylines or ‘touristy’ monuments


Example Photos

Local Arch 5 Local Arch 1

Local Arch4 IMG_0974

Local Arch 2 Edinburgh_iStock_000012115071XLarge



Mission 3: Street Life

In one shot, we challenge you to capture what your neighborhood is all about. Take the opportunity to show us the people, places and experiences that make your community so special. Think images that hint at its history or that embody what’s special about its present—its rhythm, culture and style. Focus on a subject that tells your local story and be sure to keep the composition interesting and unexpected. The winning picture will be the one that catches our curiosity and makes us want to find out more about what’s going on. No children/family, shots in black & white or over-use of filters please


Example Photos

Newspapers box and cabs waiting for some customers near Princes Street, Edinburgh INDG_Couple street walk

INDG_NewYork cabs INDG_Taipei drum

Neighborhood Stories5 Neighborhood Stories6


Don’t know how to join the mission? It’s easy! Download the Foap app for free on the App Store or Google Play.

To get the app follow one of the links below:

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