Aloha Foapers!

What comes to your mind when you think about Hawaii?

Probably you thought about surf, summer, beaches, beautiful nature and a coconut drink. Sure! But you are missing at least something: Foapers! 🙂

Foap is growing all over the world and we’re leading an international revolution in the stock photography industry. Hawaii is also represented in the Foap community and they are doing really well.

An example of this is the fact that two of the latest missions on Foap have rewarded photographers from the Pacific islands: Magic Gaming Moments run by and the Cool Hairstyles mission run by got2b.

The Magic Gaming Moments mission saw foaper 808bebe’s photo be rewarded with $1000. Have a look at her photo below where she captured an amazing moment! A huge turtle has just arrived to the beach to lay eggs. While this happen she’s playing Candy Crush! Check out her amazing portfolio: 808bebe

Then Foaper panchosumoba did it again for Hawaii by being chosen by the got2b for the coolest hairstyle picture. Congrats to his syster as well who is an aspiring model!

No doubts that Hawaiians are cool people!! Keep it up with the great work guys.


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