No more spam in the comments!

When we started letting people leave comments in missions, we thought it would make our community even better. But we didn’t think it would lead to so much spam. We’re sorry to everyone who had to read them.

Now we’re happy to say that the spam in the comments is coming to an end!

Right now, anyone can leave a comment on photos and missions, but in the next few weeks, only verified users will be able to comment. By “verified,” we mean Foapers who have participated in any photo or video mission, with their content reviewed and approved by our Curation Team. We believe this will really cut down on spam.

We’re also keeping a close eye on the comments. If someone is misusing the comment feature, we won’t hesitate to delete their account. So, now’s a good time to refresh your memory on the rules for posting comments.

The comment sections will become a place for sharing interesting information, filled with warmth and the friendly atmosphere that the Foap Community is known for.

We hope you’re so happy about this change as we are! See you in the comments on Foap!

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