Two new Missions by VisitNorway

Heia Norge!

Our friends at Visit Norway have 2 new Missions for you.

The first Mission, “Norwegian towns and cities“, challenges you to capture photos of nice spots and people enjoying activities in all the 104 Norwegian town and cities.

The second Mission, “Southern Norway atmosphere – “Sørlandsidyll“, is more specific. It asks you to show your shots of Summer in Southern Norway.

Check out the details below and join the Missions in the Foap app. Good luck, or as our Norwegian friends say: Lykke till!

The Missions:

“Norwegian towns and cities”

We have 104 towns and cities in Norway and we would like to see images from all of them. Please share your favorite shots of nice spots and places, people enjoying activities and cultural experiences in these places. And remember to write where the picture is taken. Happy Foaping! All photos submitted into the Mission will be curated, so please follow the mission description carefully. Photos that do not fit the description will be rejected.

“Southern Norway atmosphere -“Sørlandsidyll”

Please share your images of Summer in Southern Norway. We want to see your summer shots. Show us what’s typical with a Southern Norwegian summer whether it is boat trips and sailing, relaxing and sunbathing at the skerries or at the beach. Or the typical architecture of the white wooden houses, narrow streets and charming shops and cafes. Or eating ice cream or wild strawberries on a straw. It might also be fishing, eating shrimps, catching crabs or maybe visiting Dyreparken? And please tell us where the photo is taken. Photos that do not fit our mission description will be rejected by our editors. Happy Foaping!

Photos: Johan Widhagen – and CH –

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