“Umbrella fun” Mission’s winner announced!

Here comes the winner of the “Umbrella fun” Mission! It’s a photo taken by Heather Rich @hrich with her lovely daughter in the picture. Meet Heather and learn the story behind her winning picture.

Heather, congratulations on winning the mission! How does it feel to know that your photo was chosen out of 991 others?

I suppose the best way to describe how it feels to win is: amazing, exciting, and incredible. I’m beyond honored to have been selected.  I’m still quite shocked that out of so many fantastic photos, mine was chosen.


You’re quite new at Foap. Why did you decide to join our community?

I initially decided to join Foap after reading an article about how to make money at home. After joining, however, it became less about selling smartphone photos and more about taking fun and interesting pictures and sharing them with the community. I absolutely love seeing new photos in the marketplace and giving feedback on them and I enjoy getting feedback on mine as well.  I’m yet to sell a photo but I am having an amazing time submitting them.  What I’ve discovered is that the Foap community is an amazing window into other worlds and selling or not. I’m thrilled to be a part of it.


Could you tell a bit more about yourself, so that other Foaper can get to know you better? Who is Heather Rich?

About myself. I’m a wife and a mother of two children. I have two pugs that I could not imagine my life without. I work full time and endeavor to find the balance between work, home, and hobbies. I love spending time with my family and discovering new places. I absolutely love taking pictures though I’m certainly not a professional at it. There is nothing more satisfying than catching a single moment in time and sharing it with others. My other passion is reading. I can easily become lost in the fictional world of whatever new book I am reading. I am extremely fortunate to have a fantastic husband who supports me in the things I decide to pursue.


The winning photo is really interesting. Could you share the story of this girl and tell us more about this picture?

The girl in my photo is my daughter. She is completely comfortable being herself and she is one of the most creative, clever, and outgoing children I know. She was all for getting into the fountain, until we climbed in and discovered how COLD it was despite the spring weather. We had a fantastic time getting the shots we took in the park fountain. There was a lot of laughing and goofing around. I insisted on a serious shot, however my daughter isn’t one to let authority get her down, she does things her own way and that was the shot we went with because it’s so uniquely ‘her’.


Your portfolio is really diverse. How did your passion to photography start? Could you share your story of becoming a photographer?

I embrace diversity. I try to see everyday mundane things in new and different ways resulting in new subjects for photos. I’m a bit of an eclectic personality and I suppose that shows in the photos I take. I’m not sure when my passion for photography started, I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures.


If you would choose a favorite photo on your portfolio, which one would it be? And why?

If I had to choose a favorite shot out of my portfolio I’d choose the one I titled Rail Yard. I try to look at places and objects I see everyday in different ways and the railroad yard is one that I’d never really gotten the chance to explore. I had a fantastic time looking around there and getting different shots and different angles. Later when I went to edit the photos Rail Yard accidentally got over-edited a bit but the effect, I thought, was amazing.


Finally, what is your next place or subject you’re planning to photograph? Or maybe a mission you want to join? Let us know about your Foap plans.

I have since entered several other missions including the Father and Son, Jameson, Construction Engineers, and the Volvo mission. I’m always on the lookout for a shot that would make an interesting photograph.

Thank you Heather! It’s great to have you in the Foap community.

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