The “Construction Engineers” Mission has a winner!

Foaper Dejan Vekic @yodean is the winner of the “Construction Engineers” Mission. He managed to capture an engineer with construction workers having a discussion in the field. It’s a great, natural photo. Read an interview with Dejan to learn the story behind this picture and how he became a Foaper.

Dejan, congratulations on winning the mission! How does it feel to know that your photo was chosen out of so many others great photos?

Thank you so much. It’s really great news for me! I am very happy to be the author of the chosen photo. And also a little bit surprised, of-course in a positive way, because there were so many good images in that Mission. I feel like I won a lottery.


You’re quite new at Foap. Why did you decide to join our community?

Yes I am quite new at Foap. Usually, I am very curious about the new things. I’ve discovered the Foap app when surfing through the net. I decided to join the community mainly because it is about photography. It looked to me as a as very friendly and open platform for sharing and selling pics. There are many of them in the virtual world, but what I like about Foap is that everyone can submit their photos. And everyone’s photos  have equal chances to be sold or to win a mission.


Could you tell a bit more about yourself, so that other Foaper can get to know you better? Who is Dejan Vekic?

Born in Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina. I am already (tomorrow) 44 years. Into photography for over 20 years. I have a bachelor degree from graphic design and obtained masters degree from photography at Academy of fine Arts in Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina. Currently, I’m living in Hague, Netherlands. I am deeply interested in how photography as media will evolve taking into account all the technological progress.

The winning photo is really interesting. Could you share the story of these people and tell us more about this picture?

The picture was taken when I was making a story about the new building complex S2 in Sarajevo. I had an opportunity to take shots on the building site. The complex S2 contained three buildings and I was on the second one which was already finished. The real action was hapening on the third building and I had a great view on that. The people in the picture are hard workers and engineers from the “Butmir” company from Sarajevo which built the whole complex. 

Your portfolio is really diverse. How did your passion to photography start? Could you share your story of becoming a photographer?

My portfolio is diverse because I am usually uploading pics taken with my mobile phone. And I think that mobile photography will be a very serious media in the close future. Photography has always been my passion. I started my career as a very young (16) assistant at a photo studio Photo Design in Sarajevo. At that time I was studying in a high school with a graphic design department. For me photography is a perfect media which combines creativity and technology and gives me endless opportunities.


If you would choose a favorite photo on your portfolio, which one would it be? And why?

I consider my portfolio at  FOAP as a free assignment. At the same time I’m aware that people like kitsch to some extent and I try to provide that with my photos. The image that I like the most is the “Seaside”, a shot which I took at Split (Croatia). It was a board-walk during a sunset on the last day of 2013. I took it with my mobile phone. It was a very spontaneous moment with birds flying over my head. There are few layers of the image with an increased contrast.  I like it  so much, probably because of my graphic designer’s background.


Finally, what is your next place or subject you’re planning to photograph? Or maybe a mission you want to join? Let us know about your Foap plans.

Because I recently relocated to Hague, my next  shooting place is certainly here, in a very beautiful and inspiring city. I have already submitted some pics from here and of course I will join every mission that inspires me. My plan is to continue being part of FOAP.

Thank you Dejan! It’s great to have you on board and we’re looking forward to your next photo from Hague!


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