Foap’s Itchy Feet Foapers: Photos from travels.

Inspired by Katrine’s portfolio, and our Q&A with her, during which we discussed travelling, today’s theme of the week on Foap is travel. Below we present but a very small sample of the Foapers with itchy feet and cameras or smartphones. Pictures from all corners of the Earth:

A fiery beach in Thailand by @Pitikebelek

Surfing at the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia by @Binu.Octa_

falstelo 2
Strokkur, Iceland’s largest geyser, by @Falstelo

katringomonova moscow
The Red Square in Moscow, Russia by @katringomonova

A hike in Australia by @Jootto

Arizona, US by @eejayyun

St. Paul’s Cathedral, London, UK by @tcr18h

India by @Johanekblad

A temple in Angkor, Cambodia by @Mrbromley

Grover’s Reef, Belize by @Rod

JaredKidderCapadocia, Turkey by @JaredKidder

Yes, I know, there are thousands of other images that could make this list. 😉 Picking ten or so was not an easy task. Did we miss your favourite? Have an idea for a theme for next week? Give me a shout:

Keep exploring and #foapit!

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