Tip Tuesday: The ABC of Foap Missions

One of the ways our clients (and we) source great photos from you is through Missions! Its also the most entertaining way we can think of as a way of doing this. Who doesn’t like a bit of competition? Its also the best way for one single photo to make upwards of $100.


Joining a Mission

In the app, pick the Missions tab, check out the ongoing Missions, and pick the one you find appealing. Check out the Mission description and example photo and upload a photo you think fits the bill! Remember, in order to add photos to a Mission on Foap, you need to be a verified user. Then observe our social media and the tab of that Mission to see the winner!

How are winners chosen?

While we can’t speak from our clients perspective, as they are free to select any photo entered into the Mission that they see fit for whatever reason, we can share a little bit of our approach. We take into consideration all the photos in the Mission, and then our Community, Support and Creative teams come together to deliberate on the best photo in their opinion. This is based of course on the aim and objective of the Mission. Yes, there is a great deal of discretion in this process, but this is photography, not a marathon, so the winner is not always as obvious and it will always be a question of personal opinion and preferences. 😉

Approving and rejecting photos

While the photos in Missions are up for Community Review, like all photos on Foap, photos in Missions can be up for Second Review. If your photo doesn’t make it through Second Review, don’t take it personally. For example, many brand managers managing their brand’s Mission on Foap cut down the photos to a certain number, as a shortlist to make the final choice easier or to further give you an indication of what kind of photos are being searched for.

Do you have any comments about the above? Do you feel there is anything we missed on this topic? Have a suggestion for a Foap Mission? Let me know directly at filip@foap.com or in the comments below!


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