Meet Top Foapers: Melissa Brock (@melissabrock1)

How does it feel to know you have sold the most photos from current Foap active users?

I wouldn’t believe it if you told me that I would be a top-five seller when I first started using foap six years ago, but to find out that I have sold the most photos on the app is crazy! I appreciate all of the support and encouragement from fellow Foapers that I have received over the years and am so excited and humbled to be where I am.

Can you tell us about your beginnings with Foap?

I first discovered foap on a Top 5 blog list of ways to earn extra money on the side – I thought, “I can take pictures and earn money doing it?! Sign me up!” It took me almost an entire year before I sold my first photo on the app and I had actually almost given up on foap. I am so glad that I didn’t!

First Sold Photos 2017

Tell us something about you.

A little bit about me… I am happily married with one preteen son and five dogs. When I am not taking pictures or editing, my hobbies include hiking, running, paddleboarding, cooking/baking, watching baseball, and (when no one is looking) dancing and singing. My favourite camera gear that I use the most includes a Nikon D750, 24-70mm 2.8 lens, 4-in-1 reflector/diffuser, and wireless remote. The great thing about these particular items is that they all easily fit into my camera pack that I can take almost anywhere so I don’t miss out on capturing any meaningful moments with my family or in nature.

I have always loved taking pictures but at first, photography was more about capturing memories for me vs a form of artistic expression. Growing up, my father and grandmother always had a camera in hand and I followed suit as soon as I was old enough to push a button.

Nothing was more exciting to me than dropping off my film or disposable camera and waiting with anticipation to see how the pictures turned out. It wasn’t until high school that I began to understand photography as an art form and I was most inspired by William Wegman. I love how he portrays his dogs as people and I have had some fun with this myself using my own dogs.

I took a couple of photography classes in college and it wasn’t until 2014 that I used a DSLR camera for the first time. It took me a long time to teach myself how to use it but with Foap’s missions, I had plenty of motivation and content to use as practice! It was through foap missions that I discovered my passion for food and product photography and is what I am currently working toward as a profession – I have even created my own in-home studio. I am so grateful to Foap for helping me get to this point – it is the perfect springboard for anyone who is thinking about getting into the field of photography!

Do you use other photo apps?

I have also tried other photo-selling apps. Foap is definitely my favorite one thus far and the only one that I continue to use on a regular basis. Foap is more interactive and personal, and I love the mix of Foap and branded missions. The missions are great for getting ideas and inspiration and practicing different techniques.

What is your most memorable photo or situation when taking part in a photoshoot?

For me, my most memorable mission does not include my favorite photo. My most memorable mission(s), which is a mission that I didn’t even win, would probably have to be the Frank’s Red Hot missions. Frank’s was among some of the first brand missions I had ever done and the first time I really had a lot of ideas flowing. I had so much fun styling and also came to the realization that I loved shooting food and food products. At the time, those images were some of my personal favorites. Of course, now, there is a whole lot I would do to improve those images and I would actually love to do a reshoot!

Upload photos from Frank’s Red Hot sauce

Right now, the favorite Foap image that I have taken would probably have to be the Outdoor Tasks & Pet Cleaning with Playtex Gloves shot of my Weimaraner dog, Thomas, getting his teeth brushed by me. I always use a remote or on-camera timer to capture images that I am in and I just so happened to catch Thomas’ hilarious facial expression that says “please get that thing away from me!”. He is the best little dog model.

Playtex Gloves Photo

Earlier, you mentioned that you have received support from fellow Foapers. Could you give five users that you follow?

I follow many Foap users and have also established some friendships along the way. It was difficult for me to narrow it down to just 5 users, but some of my favorites are:

@strawberrylane – beautiful product shots- always clean and professional
@shannonfieldsphoto – so creative and beautifully done food shots
@samray – impeccable nature and wildlife imagery and always full of uplifting comments
@pocketfulloftoys – both great product and lifestyle shots
@przemekklos – amazing lifestyle shots and his images always pop
@lizwhite – absolutely stunning equine shots and Liz has such a positive, kind personality that really shines through her imagery

Thank you for taking your time and sharing your thoughts with the Community!

Below are only a handful of Melissa’s over 500 sold photos. You can follow her on Foap @melissabrock1

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