Winners of the Best Close-Up in the World

The most successful Foapers chose Winners of the Best Close-Up in the World Country Challenge.

The Best Close-Up in the World ($200) by joeri from Belgium:

The Second Best Photo ($100) by akhileshs21 from India:

The Third Best Photo ($50) by heidi.larsen from Norway:

All other finalists and authors of the best comments will get an additional reward of $10 each and you can check them out below.


1.masich_mariya from Ukraine

rosley9111 says: “Gorgeous composition. The side lighting, the view from above shot, and the depth of field, all works in tandem to concentrate to the main subject of the photo, i.e to focus on the mature skilled pair of hands. Nice”

2. mariecullinane from Portugal

9xtj2gfkwr says: “Congratulations!!! what a good photo !!! the composition and lighting make the vegetables look so fresh that you want to eat them!”

3. joeri from Belgium

adn3 says: “A bee which is covered in pollen like it’s bathed in it, Even though the flower is kind of blurred, this photo just caught every tiny details on the bee, we can even see those tiny bee hairs, I like this photo because of the details it’s showcasing.

4.akhileshs21 from India

photosofvm says: “Outstanding close-up composition with beautiful color and sharp details. The movement gives life to the work and shows the production of real art. Great work. Congratulations.

5. qiqueluve from Venezuela

mariecullinane says: “Congratulations could honestly see this in a motor biking magazine, love the bold colour combination”

6. danielsunday7 from Nigeria

bhagyashri2022 says: “Congratulations Cultural and captured exactly moment of work! well done

7.heidi.larsen from Norway

sadey says: “Congratulations the color is beautiful in this photograph, and I love the reflection in the water!

8.traumwandlerin from Germany

wulffmeister says: “I had to look twice at this, very creative. Seeing something we basically use daily, portrayed in a way like this on the reflective surface is brilliant”

9.lizwhite from the United States

j0rdanpictures says: “congratulations! What an amazing close-up of that guitar headstock! Every detail is clearly visible and the quality of the photo is impressive. Congratulations on the perfect capture!

10. davinawu from China

myriani says: “Woww what a beautiful photo. The right moment when there are bees on the flower petals. Really cool when photographed with the right lighting. The details of the flower petals look very unique with beautiful colors. Amazing.


For more information about this challenge, go to the “Rules for The Best Close Up in the World” page.

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  1. 1
  2. 2

    Why in india this mission not appears? If this is due to lack of participants, if possible please create an international close up challenge for all opt out countries so everyone will get an opportunity. Thankyou. good day

    • 3

      Hi Arjun! I’m happy you are interested in the newest country challenge. We just fixed it and the mission is available for people in India. Please, make sure you are able to get payments via PayPal. It’s the only service we can use to pay for photos.

  3. 4

    Great mission, congratulations, unfortunately I don’t have that mission visible, there is no mission on my Foap application, I can only vote for the photo I like, the rest I have no options! Good luck to everyone who has that mission

  4. 6

    Thank you for this mission. I am very excited about it.
    But i am not seeing my country name. And it is added to my profile. Can you help please?

    • 7

      Hi Jade! Thank you for getting back to us. There are separate missions for 50 countries with the most users on Foap. We don’t have enough users in Malta to create a separate mission for people in your country, but you can join a general mission called “The Best Close-Up in the World.” I hope we will see your close-ups soon!

  5. 8
  6. 10
  7. 12
  8. 14
  9. 16
  10. 18
  11. 21

    Hey! i love this mission unfortunately it is not visible for me 🙁 i would really like to participate!

    • 22

      Hey Ornella! I’m super happy that you loved the mission idea. There are separate missions for 50 countries with the most users on Foap. We don’t have enough users in Ecuador to create a separate mission for people in your country, but you can still join and win by uploading photos to a general mission called “The Best Close-Up in the World.” I hope we will see your close-ups soon!

  12. 23
  13. 25
  14. 27
  15. 28

    That from Morocco and please help me to participate in the photo galleries because I do not know the way

  16. 30
  17. 34
  18. 35
  19. 36
  20. 37
  21. 38

    Each new sheet is like the journey of our life. sometimes we have to stop and enjoy the beautiful moments and mark them as memories of the past when we turn over a new leaf again.

  22. 39
  23. 40
  24. 41
  25. 42

    I really like this mission, pictures are all so amazing.
    Greetings from Slovenia, Europa ??

  26. 43
  27. 44

    He , I really love this app so.this idea for.win, but in.my it’s doesn’t available
    I really want to participate with you

  28. 45
  29. 46
  30. 47

    Tasteful, mesmerizing and really captivating.
    The first picture is very innovating and clearly depicts the joy and peaceful bliss of studying.
    The facial lids of an old horse is my favourite….. It is so captivating to me. It shows how the old soul is dosing off to sleep after a long day at work…,very captivating.

  31. 48

    wow we have a hell of a photographer there that’s a very nice shot from a perfectly framed angle

  32. 49

    It tells me I need to unlock the mission bit no way to unlock it I submitted photos to the original mission witch were accepted so how am I to unlock the mission this all makes no sense.

  33. 51

    Wow this is quite amazing and at the same time a very challenging healthy competition. While everyone is posting there entries, it boast everyone’s confidence and talents in photography that could help us not just to have a side hustle but also to learn more about this talent.
    Hoping for more entries available and more prices it helps a lot.
    Whoever wins congratulations!!! ?

  34. 52

    Hi im from the Philippines. I just love seeing pictures of different scenery around the world. I want to see them real,but I cant. I dont have money to travel and I am a full-time mom. Thank you FOAP for the great pictures, I am like a tourist touring the whole world with such an amazing pictures.

  35. 53
  36. 55
  37. 56

    These photos are all beautiful and unique in their own way my favorite is the capture of the horse’s eyelids I like how captivating it is.

  38. 57

    A foap mission for close up: an attractive world in close up. From afar, a beautiful world, even better in close up. Your lens and filter are yours to appoint, but to show the beautiful world close up will be your point. Always creative and never bleak, this beautiful world will be revealed when you show it in close up.

  39. 58

    A picture reflecting a snapshot of something or someone’s bubble. Raw, pure while being vulnerable.

  40. 59

    All the close up photo was amazing it is quite difficult to rate any one photo best one all seems to be best. But I will choose the cow picture which the cow was trying to catch something to her mouth. Loved all the pictures.

  41. 60

    I love that history is represented in all these photos . How time has aged and yet been reborn . From rust to wrinkles . Impressive

  42. 61
  43. 62

    I love all of these pictures. They are so amazing and beautiful. They really capture the beauty of nature.

  44. 63
  45. 64

    I think the cow shoot should be in the top cuz its look so alive and so natural. i feel like its so real and so live. this is the greatest shoot ever.

  46. 65
  47. 66

    the best close-up in the world since it is subjective and depends on personal preferences. However, some popular and impressive close-up shots include:
    The eye of a human or animal: A close-up shot of an eye can reveal intricate details and emotions, making for a compelling and powerful image.
    Flower petals: Close-ups of flower petals can showcase their vibrant colors and unique patterns.
    Insects: Close-ups of insects can reveal their intricate structures and behaviors that are often invisible to the naked eye.
    Drops of water: Close-up shots of drops of water on surfaces can reveal unique patterns and textures.
    Food: Close-up shots of food can showcase its textures, colors, and details, making it look more appetizing.
    Ultimately, the best close-up shot is one that captures the subject in a unique and visually striking way, leaving a lasting impression on the viewer.

  48. 67
  49. 68
  50. 69

    I have fallen in love with the second picture, the front view of the old model car, so attractive and reflection view of lights with the name.
    The photographers sideview allowed a clear and beautiful image which reminds me of the movie fast and ferrous collection.

  51. 70

    Exciting and great upgrade experienced. The significant of arts is the Outcome of Photography! Well done everyone! Congratulations!

  52. 71

    Joining from Botswana like to say this is incredible with all these photos ,they bring memories that helps us think of everything we live for.

  53. 72

    It is simply breathtaking! The composition is on spot, so mind consuming and allowing us to appreciate every delicate feature. Well done, It’s a masterpiece!

  54. 73
  55. 74
  56. 75

    These photos capture the beauty of the beginning of spring ,colour, framing, close-up and a perfect focus of the moment, which will be felt even for the next season ^^

  57. 76
  58. 77
  59. 78
  60. 79
  61. 80

    Creativity is an art , many can see, some can understand, only a selected few can master…

  62. 81

    the best photo it’s the one of the old lady who works with the crochet. the photo makes you understand that those hands belong to a lady that worked hard all her life, and shows a job that in the future will be lost forever (knitting)

  63. 82
  64. 84
  65. 85
  66. 86

    I have to say every photo is stunning. My favorite would have to be the photo of the close up brown eye because they say the eyes are the windows to your soul and I believe the photo absolutely captures that.

  67. 87
  68. 88
  69. 89
  70. 90

    Picture eight that depicts the portrait of a lady is my choice. It is well shut, bright and beautiful. Moreover, it symbol izes a woman facing many Challenges but never daunted. She is brave and equal to the the problem as she looks up to the future in confidence.

  71. 91
  72. 92

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