Three new Missions by Hotel Indigo

Hotel Indigo has three new Missions for you, Foapers!

Vibrant colors, local feeling and focus on hidden details: Hotel Indigo’s previous missions set the standard for the kind photography they are looking for. The Foap Community delivered beautiful shots in the past Missions and now it’s time for three new challenges for you. $300 in total rewards! Check out more details about the Missions below.

Mission #1: Urban Pet Explores

Are you a pet owner? Then you know how much your little friend loves to explore new places! In this Mission we’re looking for shots of our four-legged friends discovering the neighborhood. Show us your shots of pets, with or without their owners, having a great time while exploring the city: having a snack at a local cafe, checking out artists in the park, hanging out as best friends. We want to uncover what’s inspiring about traveling and discovering new places from a pet’s perspective. The trick will be capturing our furry friends in a way that tells a story about the local area and includes interesting colors, textures and details!

Mission #2: The Color Indigo

Indigo is a distinctive color that draws you in with its deep rich hue and inviting tone. In this mission, we’re looking for details featuring the color indigo. This could be an indigo colored coffee mug sitting on the breakfast table, indigo trousers folded up in a suitcase, or the indigo tiles beneath your feet as you walk around the local area. The key here is capturing the color indigo through objects and details as a new and interesting way to add intrigue and interest to the bigger picture. Façades, vases, mosaics, furniture. Be creative and use focus to draw the attention of the viewer to the color indigo in your shot – think a shallow depth of field for wide shots while tight detail shots should be crisp and clear.

Mission #3: Authentic Moments and Genuine Expressions

Can you capture the moment in a photo? We’re looking for photos illustrating authentic moments and genuine expressions. A spontaneous laughter, someone daydreaming or even a simple smile. You could also include more people: a couple walking hand in hand, an initial hello or handshake with someone new, embracing a friend, or a group gathering together and sharing an experience. The trick is capturing something real, something that doesn’t appear staged or fake, that makes us want to look closer and learn more.

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