Meet the Winners of Poland Tourism’s First Missions

Vistula River

Hi Foapers!

Our first Missions with Poland Tourism, Poland’s Official Tourism Organization, ended recently and we have the winners!

But first, on behalf of Poland Tourism, we want to thank everyone who joined! Your photos might now be used to promote the country and attract tourist and visitors to Poland!

Congratulations to all the winners! Each one of them won $100! For more Missions with Poland Tourism, check the Foap App!

Now let’s go to the winners! 🙂

Mission #1: Biking in Warsaw. 

The Winner is Foaper Katerina Kanstantinovich (@kasyadovnar) with this beautiful shot:



Mission #2: Traditional Polish food moments.

The winner is Foaper Monika Proć (@djmon1que) with this great shot:



Mission #3: Happy Moments at Visla River.

The Winner is Foaper Maciuś Podkowinski (@Maciek69) with this great shot:

Vistula River


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