The Best Landscape Photo – the Winners of the Country Challenge

We know the results! Successful Foapers have chosen with their votes the top 3 best photos in the Country Challenge.

Title of the Best Landscape Photo in the World and $200 reward goes to olivija from Canada!

“This picture deserves landscape photo of the year because it captures the serenity of nature perfectly. Everything about this photo is beautiful from the unbothered turquoise water flawlessly reflecting the mountains that still hold snow, to the deep green trees sitting on the edge of the lake contrasting against the vibrant blue. This is where I long to be when I think of nature.”

2nd place and $100 reward goes to jekurantodistaja from Finland

“Congratulations! This picture has it all: contrast, drama, and composition. I love the snow white against the flaming sky. Good luck to you!”


The 3rd place and $50 reward goes to ruth.l.saavedra from Argentina

“This photo deserves to win for a couple of reasons. 1. Because the landscape is the star. Nothing takes away from the monumental beauty of the landscape. 2. It also deserves to win because the composition is a juxtaposition of built environment and natural landscape. This gives the piece a bigger story as well as draws the eye around the piece. 3. Finally the editing of the piece is well done and not overdone. The landscape is real and tells a wonderful story.”

Check out also the other finalists. Each of them will get additional reward $20.

alaa.elshahawy from Egypt

“The shot is perfect! It, first of all, is just beautiful. The crisp blue water is so inviting. I love the framed lines of the window. It, furthermore, draws our attention to the importance of “perspective” in our lives. A sort of tunnel vision of “keeping our eyes on the prize” and what matters. An all-around shot we all strive for in a photo! Congrats!”

jenlang from the United States

“Out of my own experience, I can say that it’s very hard to take a nice picture of northern lights. Yours looks very clear and nicely composed. I hope you didn’t have to hunt all night in the cold for it!”


carolynashlock from the United States

“This picture has a profound sense of depth and perspective. It makes me feel like I’m standing right there, surrounded by the awe-inspiring beauty of this waterfall”

photosofvm from the United States

“A balanced frame which captures the tree lines with a gradual reduction in heights & slowly melt into the middle of the screen, Point out the beginning of a river & mountain range. It offers us a great perspective into distance & landscape structure. Wow”

 rchekmaz from the United Kingdom

“This picture is very special. Shooting from above is a unique idea because it gives a more comprehensive and clearer view of the landscape, the colors are consistent and the view is very beautiful.”

meogigi from Vietnam

“The photo work impresses with its image of nature, luxurious trees, mountains, a river, all this is concentrated in a single majestic landscape. The work perfectly uses a subtle color transition from one plan to another and thereby achieves the impression”

warmawai from Indonesia

“This photo really stands out from the rest! It has a very unique terrain and I really like the composition of the way you framed the vehicles, but not centering them. It implies motion, and bumpy rides, and rugged terrain. It definitely invokes feeling! Love it!”


Thank you for joining another Country Challange and sharing the beauty of your homelands, we love taking the virtual journey with the best creative community!

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