Rules for “The Best Close-Up in… (Country Challenge, March 2023)”

When is this mission available?

It started on March 3, 2023, and we plan to announce the winners on April 4. Country Challenges aims to find the best photographers in each country and choose the best photos worldwide. The schedule:

Stage 1: Adding photos and voting. 3.03-19.03

You can add photos to missions dedicated to your country. All users should vote for photos in their countries by choosing 1 to 5 stars.

Important: We don’t want anyone to be able to decrease the rating to leverage their chances of winning, so only the number of rates matters. If you like a photo and want it to win – rate it. If you don’t like it – skip it.

We (The Foap Team – real humans, not an algorithm) will choose the best photos for every country. We consider the pictures’ overall quality and consistency with the brief, but the number of votes influences us strongly.

Stage 2: Commenting (available for all). 20.03-26.03 22.03-28.03

All chosen photos will be visible to all Foap users in one mission. They can comment on photos, and the best comments describing what they like in photos will win rewards.

27.03-28.03 29.03-30.03 Foap Team chooses the best comments and 10 finalists

The Foap Team, influenced by comments, will choose the 10 best photos and 10 best comments.

Stage 3: Choosing the winners by the best Foapers

The best Foap users (users worldwide who sold the most photos on Foap) will vote for the 10 best photos. The photos with the most votes will win. We’re planning to announce the winners on April 4 6.


How can I upload photos?

Just open the app, go to the Missions menu and find the premium mission named “The Best Close-Up in [your country].” Unlock the mission and upload your photo with 10 Foap Coins. You can upload more photos to get more possibilities to win, but it will require more Foap Coins. Adding photos is available only in the first stage.


When will I be able to add photos?

You can add photos from March 3, 2023, to March 19, 2023 (CET).


Rewards $1,500 (estimated)

1st place: $200

2nd place: $100

3rd place: $50

4-10 places: $20

The best photos in each country: $10 for each photo.

10 best comments: $10


Will there be rewards for every country? How many photos will be rewarded in each country?

There are rewards for every country, with at least 20 users who join the mission with photos consistent with the brief. The number of rewards depends on how many participants will join the challenge in each country:

20-100: 1 best photo
101-499: 2 best photos
500 or more: 3 best photos


How can I vote for photos?

It’s super simple. Go to the mission, check out uploaded photos, tap on any image, and if you like it and want it to win – rate it from 1 to 5 stars. If you don’t like it – just skip it.

We don’t want anyone to be able to decrease the rating of other users to leverage their chances of winning, so only the number of rates matters. If you like a photo and want it to win – rate it. If you don’t like it – skip it.


How are winners chosen?

It depends on the stage.

We (real humans, not an algorithm) choose the best photo in each country after stage 1.

  • We will choose only photos on brief (read the section “What type of photos should I add to this mission” below).
  • We consider the picture’s overall quality and creativity.
  • Additional “points” will get natural photos (no filters or artificial corrections).
  • The number of votes influences us strongly.

In the 2nd stage, we also choose the 10 best photos for the finals. Your comments at this stage will strongly influence our decisions.

The best Foap users (Foapers from around the world who sold the most photos) will choose the Winners from the 10 best photos.


What type of photos should I add to this mission?

You need to upload a photo focused on details for this country challenge. It can be, for example, a close portrait (like with a face only), part of the body or subject of everyday life, abstract objects (like fluid in the glass, for example), and many more., The key is to focus on details.

Try to make it look natural, but it should look interesting, and a photo needs to be technically correct (sharp, bright, and without visible over-enhancements).


How many photos can I add?

You can upload as many photos as you like, but every uploaded photo will cost you more Foap Coins. Check out how to get Foap Coins for free.


Can I change the photos that I uploaded?

Yes, you can. After you delete the photo, you can upload another one, but remember that you will lose all votes and comments.


Can I upload a photo that won another mission?

Yes, you can, and it can win again.


Can I upload a black-and-white or modified photo?

Yes, you can, whatever you believe is the best version of your photo. You can make some digital adjustments like better contrast or brightness, but we recommend being careful with that and not using any filters – it should look natural.


How can I comment?

Open the photo you want to add a comment on, tap on the image, and see the comments icon in the right-down corner. Tap it and add your comment in English.


Why do I see a country challenge without a specific country?

If you see a country challenge named “The Best Close-Up in the World” instead of, for example, “The Best Close-Up in the United States”, it can be two things:

  1. You didn’t choose your country in the app. Do it now in your profile edit to avoid missing the next country challenge.
  2. You live in a country where there are not so many Foap users to compete with.

What does it mean for you? You can join a country challenge but not as a representative of a specific country. You can upload a photo, but you will have fewer chances to win.


I want to ask about something…

Great! We will be happy to respond to your questions. You can add a comment on our blog (keep in mind that because of spam, every comment needs to be approved) or contact us directly through the app.