Take great night shots with your phone

You love photography. You love your phone. You’re always ready to capture and testify about all the beauty around you. You catch the light, the flying bird, the spontaneous smile, the rose’s secret details. Nothing escapes from your observation and no one else sees what you see. Is that right? 🙂

But suddenly the sun disappears, the natural light is gone and you find yourself in darkness. You still have your phone in your pocket and you still see beauty everywhere. Buildings, bridges,  parks, illuminated streets. What do you do? you pick up your phone and you make a try. Yes, you get disappointed with the result. The image in the screen is not what you see. It’s too grainy and the light is very poor.

Thinking of people like you, some cool guys launched an app called Cortex Cam. It’s been around a while but I just found out about it for some weeks ago. It makes your night shots taken with your phone really clean and nice. To try out the app I took some photos of the Turning Torso in Malmö. See below the difference between the Cortex Cam (left) and the Iphone cam (right).

Pretty cool, isn’t it? I’m happy I finally found a way of taking nice photos at night. Give it a try!



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