Capturing the moment

Ellen Selfie

Ellen DeGeneres’ selfie taken at the Oscars became the most retweeted image of all time according to Mashable.  A gorgeous photo with lots of real smiles of real people. Those once distant celebrities have become so close to us. Just a snap away.

That’s probably what makes this photo so popular. It captures a moment and it includes you in the scene. It tells a story. It sets you close to the situation, it invites you to take part of the moment. It belongs to the social age.

Gone are the days when you needed a production team and 3 hours to take a selfie. Time changes. Think about the portraits, or “selfies”, painted for medieval celebrities – kings, queens, princes…They were done in months, sometimes years. The intention behind the medieval portrait was to produce reverence and to set the “model” in a higher dimension.

The social age claims a different approach to images. Ellen DeGeneres’ selfie is a great example of this and will be remembered for years to come, it may become historical indeed.

What is true for celebrities is also true for brands. By using images that are authentic and spontaneous – created by people like you and me – they can create a friendly relationship to people like you and me. Great shot Ellen and we hope to see your portfolio on Foap soon!


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