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Dear Foapers,

We’ve some great news.

We’ll be soon launching a new feature in the app called “Send me there”. It’s pretty easy. You click up on a photo and then you click on “Send me there”. A powerful magnetic field is created, launching the user out of time and space. After some seconds, you open your eyes and you find yourself inside the photo. You can be at any place, at any time, thanks to a new technology developed here in Sweden.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Yes, we still have to fix some basic features before we can work on the revolutionary “Send me there” button. But let’s imagine for now that we have it. It’s working well, so no bugs will send you out of the planet. However, there is a little problem. You can just use this feature once. So the question is: which photo would you pick?

It seems that many out there would choose this photo above. This summer it has been sold several times to agencies in the US and in the UK. It’s clean, happy, colorful, summery, well composed. And then you wonder…”Who took it”?

Foapers, meet the talented Caroline Gutman or @carolizzine.

Behind every amazing photo, there is an amazing person.

Caroline, first of all: Congratulations for a great portfolio! It seems that you have been everywhere! Could you start by telling something about this photo above? Where is it taken? When? Why? How? 🙂

Thanks! I snapped this photo last year in Recife, Brazil. I was on my way to the beach and walked right into this great beach scene. Luckily I had my camera with me. The VW van had caught my eye, and only after I looked at the photo later did I notice all the other elements.

Now, who is @carolizzine? Where does she live and what does she do?

I’m originally from Washington DC but now live and work in London as a freelance photographer, among other things.

Where would you think this photo is being used? and why?

In the last year I’ve actually seen my photo in the most unexpected places – on the Apple App Store, t-shirts and luggage tags. In fact I was at a presentation and my photo suddenly appeared in one of the slides. It’s taken on a life of its own!

The photo reminds me of why I love to travel, and I hope others feel the same way. I’m tempted to hop on a plane (or in a VW van) to Brazil just looking at it.

Imagine now that you have just arrived home after a trip somewhere. You check out your photos from the trip. How many are there? I mean how many photos would you usually take during a trip?

When I’m taking photos, I don’t hold back. There’s no reason not to keep snapping pictures of things that catch your eye, especially with digital cameras which can hold thousands of photos. You never know which shot will be the winning one, so I also try to take multiple shots of the same thing from different angles. I took over 10 shots of the van.

I’d be happy if I came away with one great shot from a trip!

What do you like most: Exploring new countries and places or exploring your own, day-by-day situations?

New places are exciting – they’re filled with unfamiliar and exotic scenes, different cultural norms and technical challenges. But it’s fairly easy to notice interesting things in new places which your eye isn’t accustomed to. I find the bigger challenge is exploring my own neighborhoud and noticing people, scenes and places that I walk past everyday.

Check out more of Caroline’s great work on Foap and on her own website and Facebook page.

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