Meet Nick Wiltgen, the winner of the Magical Forests Mission


Hi Foapers!

We are happy to present today the winner of the Magical Forests Mission: Nick Wiltgen (@flipnickels)!

Among the Finalists his photo above was selected by the Foap Team. Are you wondering where this magical place is? Read the interview with Nick and find out more about him, his photography and the magical hiking routes he uses to go to.

Nick, first of all: Congratulations! We got over 13 000 photos in this Mission and you are the Winner! How are you feeling now, is it like magic? 😉
Pretty stoked! It was an honor to have two of my photos chosen as finalists, and even more humbling to have one selected as a winner. There were a lot of amazing photos from very talented photographers.

The place in your photo is completely magical. Where is it?
This is on the Lewis River, near Moulton Falls, in southwestern Washington, North America.

Besides this you had several other many amazing shots in this Mission. Is hiking and exploring forests a passion of yours?
Thank you. Yes, hiking and exploring landscapes is a great hobby of mine, and is what originally got me into photography. I am very fortunate to live in a region surrounded by amazing natural settings, and the more I started hiking and exploring, the more I wanted to be able to capture those moments forever.


Are you shooting using your phone or do you use a DSLR camera?
Both. I primarily shoot with a DSLR, mainly for the purpose of exposure control, but I also use my iPhone. It always depends on the purpose, the time, and the place. Sometimes you will go somewhere not thinking about taking photos and a magnificent scene will appear in front of you. For that reason, the best camera is the one you have on you.

Do you like editing your shots? What editing apps do you use the most?
When shooting with a DSLR, yes, especially with landscapes. Post processing photos allows me to put my own spin on things, or create a certain mood. Lightroom is always a go to for editing, but there are a ton of great apps out there for quick mobile edits as well.

We would love to know a little bit more about you. How old are you and what do you do in real life?
I just turned 30 last week! Aside from hiking and photography, other hobbies include playing drums, running, reading, traveling, dining out (that’s a hobby, right?!), and going on adventures with my girlfriend (fiancé has a better ring to it, so maybe that will change soon). Outside of hobbies, I work in a middle school and am a parent to some awesome kiddos.
Bambu Forest

Last but not least, how long have you being Foaping and how did you fist hear about the app?
Oh gosh, maybe a little over a year? I think I started using it after I started sharing photographs on Instagram (@nicholas_steven_). I heard about it through the grapevine, and made an account under the notion it was another photo sharing social media platform. Originally, I had no idea you could sell photos. It’s an awesome app, and has been neat watching the community grow.
Thank you Nick! Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your magic with us!  🙂
The Foap Team

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