Magical Forests Finalists

Foap Magical Forests

Hello Foapers!

Welcome to the enchanted world of the Magical Forests. Today we are announcing the Finalists of the Magical Forests Mission. 45 amazing photos of forests from all over the world.

The Mission winner, who cashes out $100, will be announced soon! Check out the Finalists and stay tuned!

Roland Simmons (@simmons48) from the US: Sunrise Secret Forest!

Foap - Magical Forest 1

Vy Nguyen (@nguyennt.vy) from Belgium: Winter in the Forêt de Soignes, Belgium.

Foap Magical Forests 2

Pramote Soongkitboont (@rukawajung) from Thailand: Waterfall in golden forest.

Foap - Magical Forests 3

Kellie Dakin (@kelliedakin) from Seat, US: Winter at Stevens Pass, Washington.

Foap Magical Forests 4

Jeremy Gabbai (@eoscanon) from Germany: Forest in Germany.

Foap Magical Forests 5

Tami Kelly (@tkelly) from the US: Foggy first hike.

Foap Magical Forests 6

Rebecca Rein (@sylviegirl) from the US: Acadia National Park.

Foap Magical Forests 7

Brigitte Flamand (@virgule) from France: Horse riding in Marchiennes, North of France.

Foap Magical Forests 8

Sanna Hedberg (@somliga2) from Sweden: Magical Toadstool.

Foap Magical Forests 8

Reiko Fitzke (@rfdd) from Germany: Dusty Forest.

Foap Magical Forests 9

Donna Ferris (@mysisterandme) from the US: Forest and mountain in the clouds.

Foap Magical Forests

Wil Claussen (@wilclaussen) from the US: Forest falls in Colorado.

Foap Magical Forests 12

Dave Lieske (@davey_gravy) from the US: Magical Forest.

Foap Magical Forests 13

Savin Madeleine (@savin.madeleine) from Romania: Winter Forest.

Foap Magical Forests 14

@all_around_photographer from the US:  The miracle of life in Westlake, Ohio.

Foap Magical Forests 16

 Jody Davis (@mulberry) from the US: Swallow Falls, Maryland.

Foap Magical Forests 16

Kim Shapley (@kshapley) from the US: Early morning fog in Yosemite forest

Foap Magical Forests

Tim (@timmi) from Los Angeles, US: Wood and rock on the water in the forest.

Foap Magical Forests

Ken Higgins (@kenfl74) from the US: Magical Forest in Florida.

Foap Magical Forests

Krissie Finchum (@finchumfotos) from the US: Wintery forest.


Joanne Millington (@upyanose) from England: Enchanting forest.

Foap Magical Forests

Marlene Bocast (@mbocast) from the US: Mt Olympic National Forest.

Foap Magical Forests

Kristína Jakubíková (@kristina.jakubikova) from Slovakia: Kiruna, Sweden.

Foap Magical Forests

Charlene Love (@ellijay) from the US: Train crossing River in Forest. Alberta, Canada


Davey Poppe (@luckeyman) from the Netherlands: Sun rays in Magical Forest.

Foap Magical Forests

Alex Dulin (@alex.dulin.3) from Belarus: Magic!

Foap Magical Forests

Nina Røsnæs (@nina_rosnes) from Norway: Oldendalen Sogn Og Fjordane Norway.

Foap Magical Forests

Emily Salamone (@esalamone) from the US: Ricketts Glen State, Pennsylvania.

Foap-Magical Forest

Shannon Fields (@shannonfieldsphoto) from the US: Hiking in the Magical Forest.

Hiking in the Magical Forest

Fernando Fernandez (@manusfer) from Spain: Tunnel.

Foap-magical forest

Gunn Karin Siri (@gunnks73) from Norway: Forest in Ilsetra, Norway.

Foap-Magical Forests

Michelle Minniss (@michelle.minniss) from the UK: Close up of a tiny woodland mushroom.


Nick Wiltgen (@flipnickels) from the US: Lewis River, Washington.


Nick Wiltgen (@flipnickels) from the US: Metlake Falls, Oregon.

Foap-Metlako - Forest_magic_

Marc Baechtold (@marcbaechtold) from Germany: Magical Forest in Germany.

Foap Magical Forest

Elisabeth Eidjord (@tabitas_) from Norway: Frozen ground in the forest.

Foap Magical Forests

Jeska Pepermans (@photolicious) from Belgium: Mystical purple, Hallerbos, Belgium.

Foap Magical Forest

Erin Azouz (@erinazouz) from the US: Truchas Lake in Northern New Mexico.

Foap Magical Forests

Veronika Dumbelton (@moosyphoto) from the UK: Mist.

Foap Magical Forest

Dennis Wardenburg (@ados1312) from the Netherlands: Winter in Finland.

Foap Magical Forests

Vagos Batsi (@vagos.batsi) from Greece: Autumn Colors.

Foap Magical Forests

Leisa hoppe (@lili2014) from Australia: Magical Zhangjiajie, China.

Magical Forests

Jaffar Ali (@jaffarali) from Denmark: Green tunnel.

Foap Magical Forests

Tatiana Shumbasovai (@thayra) from Ukraina: Red path.

Foap Magical Forests

Aylin Kinacioglu (@pitikelebek) from Turkey: Magical Colors.

Foap Forest Magical Forests



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