A story by Foap photographer olliesdad

We were so happy to tell foaper olliesdad that he was the photographer of the photo that PUMA rewarded for their What is football for you? Mission. We asked him to tell us a bit more about his life as a photographer and to tell us the story about the photo. This is a story from Adam.

I am truly honored to have won this contest- I am still in shock! Over the past couple of years, I have been making the arduous (for me, at least)  journey from traditional to digital photography. Last year, I bought an iPhone and have been smitten ever since! I am amazed every day by the quality of the pictures, the multitude of cool apps, etc. My Nikon is collecting dust…

I recently moved to a congested town. I had formerly lived in the countryside, so this was a drastic change. The neighborhood is not unlike many others today, stricken with a bad economy and rife with discontent and uncertainty. Amidst this environment, however, is a group of children that seem unfettered by the gravity of their surroundings. They play in the streets. They laugh in the alleys. They make do with what they have, and don’t complain. They are content. They live in the moment and if you are within earshot of them, you can’t resist being affected by the energy and positivity they exude. It is this energy that provided me with the inspiration for the PUMA mission.  

In my photo, I tried to convey potential. Potential for joy. Potential for happiness. Potential for a bright future. David- subject in photo- embodies all of these qualities. Hopefully, this photo captures the spirit of PUMA.


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