January Mission: Winter stories

Hi Foapers!

2017 is here and we have a new exciting series of Missions for you.

Each month of 2017 we are gonna invite you to take part in a Foap Mission. Rules are simple: apart from uploading your photos to the Mission, you have to share one of those photos also on your Instagram profile with a special hashtag (mentioned in each Mission) and your Foap username & follow us on Instagram @foap.

We start with January Mission called “Winter stories”. Show us how you enjoy your time when there’s snow outside or what you do when it’s freezing! In this Mission we want to see winter activities, snowy landscapes and family time by a fireplace.

We’re looking forward to see your winter photos!

Watch out for another Foap Mission in February ⛄️


Love ❤️

Foap Team

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