How I like to be photographed – tips from Gonzo the super-dog

People usually love to photograph me – this is not a surprise. The problem is that they don’t really know how to do it to show the real me. They make it super boring or forget to take the phone with them for the best scenes or they try to photograph from ‘human’ perspective, which is just not polite.

So here are some tips I want to share to make the most out of the photos of my fellow dogs or in the worst case scenario – cats.


It depends on the kind of photograph you want to take. I love mornings as I have lots of energy in the morning and also the light is great. If you want to catch me in action consider a shorter walk before. If however you want me to stand still aiming at a perfect portrait, then you need to first go for a longer walk with me.

Prepare in advance

What I like the most, is when having lots of fun during the session. Bring some toys with you. Treats are even better. I can focus my attention so perfectly when you have them and I can do many cool things to get them.


Background matters

Make it simple – cluttered background with lots of objects will distract attention from the most important thing – which is me of course. Make it really clean, but consider some vivid colours to make the photo more energetic.

Use natural light

Please don’t use flash! It really hurts my eyes and very often results in this red-eye rat effect. Just choose the right room with big windows if you’re indoor.


Focus on the eyes

Eyes are the most important part of me. They really reveal who I am. If you don’t focus on the eyes, it usually results in a bad photo. You need to make some effort to make me look you right in the eye. I recommend using my favourite toy, whistle or treats which in general are always a good idea.

Get down to my level

Don’t take photos of me while standing and looking down on me. First of all, it’s rude. Secondly, it displays the ‘human perspective’. Go down on your knees and catch the world from my perspective. It will look much more natural.


Catch my character

I strongly believe it’s all about the unique personality. To make it a real portrait try displaying my character. Take a photo in my favourite scenery – park or a forest are just fine. Make me do my favourite activity. As you can see below, I’m a real fighter.


Be playful

Relax and have fun while taking the photos. Let’s enjoy these great moments. You might be surprised by how creative it might get when both sides are having fun.

These are the most important things I’ve learned from photo sessions with Aleksandra. What tips would you suggest? I’d love to hear about them in the comments. And don’t forget to foap your experiences!

Written by Aleksandra Puchta, Community Manager at Foap

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