The Best Photos of a Country (Winners!)

Thanks for being a part of the Country Challenge. The top Foapers have chosen the finest photos, and now, here are the winners!


The Best Photo of the Country Challenge with 34% of votes:

@lckeong84 from Malaysia ($100 reward)

“The orange glow of the sun creates a stunning contrast with the dark gray of the bridge and the water. The boat in the foreground adds a touch of life and movement to the scene.”


2nd place with 21% of votes:

@serdar.aydin from Turkey ($50 reward)

“Wonderful pic: great composition and color organization. You gathered many elements in a minimalist picture: that’s a great artistic view. My imagination can fly as the woman’s scarf towards Scheherazade and Tales of the Thousand and One Nights.”


3rd place with 11% of votes:

@fanouq from France ($30 reward)

“I love the moody sky, setting the scene for the mysterious castle… Then a flourish of color in the foreground. Awesome”


Other finalists:

@urbandesi from India

“Excellent image! The photographer has done a spectacular job capturing the essence and mood of the dancer while portraying both motion and emotion! Love this shot and all the brightly colored details in everything. Fabulous piece of work that stands alone!”


@giavbayn from Mexico

“Congratulations so much vibrant color and tradition in this image, unmistakably Mexico! Good luck”


@traumwandlerin from Germany

“Wonderful picture. It’s dynamic in a way, the colors stand out, and the main subject is expressive. It’s not easy to take such a good picture of animals. Also, love horses.”

@pedrosimeao from Brazil

“I’m Brazilian, and I’ve already taken several photos of the Foz do Iguaçu Falls. This particular photo deserves to win the contest because it meets all the parameters of a good photograph… great composition, sharpness, focus, and brightness… the presence of the rainbow and the birds completed the beauty! Congratulations!!!”


@allsimplethings from United Arab Emirates

“Wow! The composition in this picture is outstanding!”


@zmn-q from Saudi Arabia

“What a remarkable capture of the architecture, design, colors, and nature of your country! This communicates a welcoming and eclectic experience for visitors. Your photo is one of those pieces of art I would surely stop and stare at in a gallery. It’s wonderfully captivating eye candy!”


@by_michalik from Poland

“Loved everything about this picture. The couple, the traditional costumes, the place, the composition, everything looks right. Congrats!”


Congrats to the finalists and the commentators! The authors of the comments scored themselves $10 each.


Details about Country Challenge you can find on the Rules page. See you in the next challenge!

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    • 5

      Hi Peter! Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We’ve reviewed your account and resolved the issue. The Country Challenge should now be accessible to you. Best of luck!

  5. 6

    I was invited to join the country challenge: The Best Photo of Peru mission and I uploaded one photo. Now I was going to upload more but the app is asking me to buy 500 coins instead of 01 coin that the mission info said it costs!!!
    Also I am a Plus Member.

    Can you guys help me please?


    • 7

      Hi Sharon, this is how it works. We carefully review each photo, which takes some extra effort on our part. To make it easy for everyone, joining the mission and uploading one photo is nearly free (just 1 Foap Coin). However, if you wish to submit more shots, it’ll cost more Foap Coins, which you can either purchase or earn by watching ads: https://foap.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360021501892-How-to-get-Foap-Coins-to-unlock-Premium-Missions- Good luck with your entry in the Country Challenge!

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          Hi I have been posting pics and people have been showing interest in my pics .they ask to be added on telegram so I add them then they tell me that they would love to purchase pics from me so I agree,so they tell me what they want I deliver then they ask me for my payment details I give them and they tell me they want to add my pics to be nominated here on foap to be voted for but as soon as I give my payment details they start sending pics of proof that payment was made and that I have to pay $30 razer gold or something other payment I have to make I order to get paid please help me understand why I should pay anything to get paid it doesn’t make sense to me thanks 🙂

          • 10

            Hey Anthea, it seems like you might be caught up in a scam. Unfortunately, we can’t always identify and remove such messages and users immediately, but we strongly advise against contacting other users outside of Foap. When you communicate with someone on a different platform, our ability to monitor and protect you diminishes, leaving you more vulnerable.

            I want to emphasize that you absolutely do NOT have to make any payments to receive your earnings on Foap. If anyone asks you for a payment, it’s almost certainly a scam. Please report this user to our support team.

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    I love my Country and I like taking photograph about it. I love meals in Vietnam and beautiful places in there .

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    Hi, I’m a Foap Plus member but I can’t upload a photo for the country challenge premium mission… please help me!

    • 16

      Hey there, Monique! We don’t have a huge Foap community in your country just yet, but don’t worry, we’ve got an alternative for you. You can jump right into the “The Best Photo of a Country” mission, which you’ll find at the very top of the app in the Missions menu. We wish you the best of luck!

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    I have been nominated to be a part of the country challenge but do not see where I can join? Thank you

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  16. 25

    Hi! May I ask if the rule for this mission is that each person can only upload “one photo” ? Thank you!

    (I ❤️ this mission!🙂)

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    The photo shows true happiness and freedom. Lively and nature’s gift of a country side

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    freedom! complicity, beautiful combination, what the world needs, peace! so simple and shown in this spectacular image!

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  30. 41

    the most beautiful view and place in my life, and I really found this photo…thank you

  31. 42

    France and really beautiful like all countries each has its beauty they are all different and all admirable💫💖.

  32. 43

    The real deal! Yeah that’s what it is. The best! Yh that’s what it is. The beauty, the focus, and the complicity! Yeah that what it is. All in grace of talent. I thank you Foap for an opportunity to be part of this dream. In a little way it has made me realize how much I need to focus on the beauty of my dream.

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      Hey Rameena, this photo of cashew cultivation received the highest number of votes in Sri Lanka, and I find it truly fascinating. Most people aren’t aware of how it looks before it ends up on their plate 🙂
      Sri Lanka

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    I feel that I must and have to win the prize, because the photos are better than the other from my point of view, I would use the money to invest in a camera and a good device to upload the photos, since I have been trying for 3 days upload the photos and I can’t succeed, thank you very much for your attention, greetings from Argentina

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    • 54

      Hi Agus! The mission has ended now, we will announce the winners here on the blog in a couple of days. Don’t worry though! The country challenge is a cyclical mission and you will be able to take part in the next edition 🙂

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    Hi , it’s being 4 months I didn’t receive my first payment. Whenever I write to team they says we are facing some issue and they are saying this to everyone as I talk to many. Even they said that because of payment issue they discontinue sales with this app and choose others app who are giving payment on time. So I request you to release my payment it’s our hardship don’t discourage us.

    • 61

      Hi Poonam, thanks for the information, but why did you mention a 4-month delay? I just checked your account, and you should receive $8 with the planned delivery time on November 1st, which was two weeks ago. Apologies for the delay; we’ve just manually processed the transfer, so it should arrive any day now.

      • 62

        Hi, Thanks for reply. I mentioned 4 months because my first photo sell near about July or August. If we count from there it’s 4 month. But really appreciate for your quick response. There should be exact date of payment otherwise it a discouragement for photographers

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