The $1,000 Photo of the Year contest + FAQ

Our contest Photo of the Year from last year was super popular, and we hope it’ll be the same this year!

In the Missions menu, you can find 8 missions in categories:

Macros & Abstract

Join any of them and upload your shots!

In early January, our experienced curation team will nominate the best photos. Shortly after that, our judges (who will be revealed soon) will choose the winners.

The best photos will be crowned Photo of the Year, and each winner will receive a $100 prize, along with promotion on our social media channels.

Moreover, out of all the nominated photos, the most popular one (the one that gets the most rates, NOT the highest rating) will receive an additional reward as the Foap Community Photo of the Year.

We’re also planning a surprise additional reward! (more information coming soon).



Q: May I submit photographs that are already present in the Market/Mission?
A: Certainly, you are welcome to upload them into the PotY contest. Also, if they have been previously sold.

Q: Is it permissible to submit photos generated by AI?
A: Absolutely not. We meticulously verify EXIF data, and photos not captured with a camera or subjected to manipulation will not be eligible for any recognition.

Q: Can I upload photographs taken before 2023?
A: Kindly submit only those images you captured within the current year.

Q: How can I boost the ratings on my photos to get a chance for the Foap Community Photo of the Year reward?
A: Simple! Stay engaged on Foap. Explore fellow Foapers’ pictures, drop some comments, spread kindness, and star the photos that genuinely catch your eye. Many Foapers will reciprocate the favor!
Just remember the commenting rules (available in the Posts section) – avoid self-promoting comments like “rate my photos” or “check out my profile” – they’ll be removed and repeating these type of comments may end with removing you from the competition.

Any questions? Drop them in the comments.

Good luck!

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