iPhone user? Crowds are waiting for you!

Are you using an iPhone? Big update for you! We started to roll out Crowds on iOS, so it can start to be available to you as a free update at any time soon. We have 19 crowds so far and the number is growing rapidly!

If you missed our previous updates and want to learn more about Crowds you can read our FAQs where we explain everything in detail and a few blog articles where we share tips and tricks:

  1. 6 Reasons to Join Crowds
  2. Foap Crowds, Missions, and Market. What’s the difference?
  3. How to Work with Brands via Crowds to Maximize Your Earnings

Oh, and turn on push notifications on your phone to stay on top of all updates and changes.

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  2. 2

    WoooooooHoooooooo. Looking forward to seeing more about Crowds. I’m a IOS user and it’s about time We are included. Blonde moment question, where do I find the IOS app link?

  3. 4

    I’m so stoked for this new feature!! Quick question though, I know for Android users you gave a timeline to check for the update; is there one for IOS users? And will we need to delete Foap’s previous app and redownload for the new update?
    Thank you in Advance!!! I’m super excited for Foap’s new Crowds feature!!

    • 5

      Hey there, JaiElf! I remember you were pretty excited about the Crowds feature, and it’s almost here! We’re rolling it out slowly to make sure everything goes smoothly. The first users started to get the update, and by the end of this month, all iOS users should be able to update their Foap app to get Crowds.

      It’s just a regular update, no need to delete or install anything new. Your iPhone will let you know with a big message in the app after the update that Crowds are now available. So get ready for some awesome Crowding! 😄📸

  4. 6
  5. 7

    WOW! This is gonna be great! Can’t wait to see which of the crowds I connect with. Will there be a link here when the app update is ready?

  6. 10

    🙁 sad I cannot join the new mission only because I do not have an android. Cannot wait for the update for ios

    • 11

      Your sadness will end soon, Jennifer! 😀 In a few days your iPhone will let you know with a big message in the Foap app after the update that Crowds are now available.

  7. 12

    I read a message of a new mission of photos of people smiling and I was trying to upload my great pic but suddenly something went wrong and now I can’t find any longer that specific mission! Can u help me please? 🤓🙏🏽🤓😅

  8. 13

    This new Crowds approach sounds fantastic and the fact that it can be accessible for both Android and IOS users. The only question I have is if payment system issues are going to change as well.
    It will be great news if Crowds era comes with a whole new way of monthly payment where we don’t have to be emailing support to ask what happened with our payment.

    • 14

      Hi Liliane, thank you for this feedback. International payments are a very complex process, and indeed, sometimes they arrive with a delay. At the moment, we are not able to improve this process to ensure that all payouts always arrive on time. However, I would like to emphasize that it has never happened that someone did not receive money for the content they sold. Ultimately, they always end up in users’ PayPal accounts.

      To all Foapers who are understanding in this matter and patiently wait for the transfer – thank you very much! <3

      • 15

        Thanks for your reply Artur. The thing is we are all international contributors in all the stock photography sites which use the same payment system, and in my case I never have been dealing with any type of delay with any of them, where I have been contributor for years just as I have been with Foap. You mention sometimes they arrive with delay, but with Foap it always has arrive with delay, sometimes more than 4 months in my case.
        I know there are many more foapers that aren’t waiting patiently, they are also contacting support constantly asking when are they going to be paid. So the fact that there isn’t a public place where we all can see the number of photographers that aren’t happy about this constant issue, doesn’t mean everybody is ok with it. Thanks!

  9. 16

    I’m also worried about the payment issue as I had been waiting for my earnings from April and your support just ignores me.
    I have sold a picture in Crowds recently and now I’m wandering how many months should I wait to receive my earnings?
    I’m an active PayPal user and don’t have any issues regarding the payments from my other clients.

    • 17

      That’s exactly what I don’t understand either Lena. PayPal is the payment system all the sites use and the only one that happens to have troubles with them is Foap. And as you say, support doesn’t answer anymore. Not that their answer before was helpful since they always say the same thing “issues with payment system…” but now they completely ignore the messages. I hope you get your money soon.

    • 18

      Just wanted to clear things up – we weren’t ignoring you, Lena. At the beginning, we thought the payment issue would be sorted quickly, and we planned to reply once it was fixed. But, it’s taking longer than expected. We get it now; our approach was off. You should have gotten a faster response. We’re sorry about that and promise to do better. Your delayed payment should be in your hands in a few days.

      • 19

        Hi all, I’m again experiencing a delay in payment for a photo sold on Crowds. It’s very demotivating because I’ve been working with Foap for many years and such difficulties discourage me from continuing my co-operation. Is there anything that can be done about this?

  10. 21

    I’m really eager to access all of the Crowds. Are there more than 19 now? Is there a list of Crowd categories we can see? How do we help create more Communities?

  11. 22
  12. 23

    For long term contributors like me, this sudden and constant change in the process of payments is very strange and it makes me think there is a real big problem behind.
    I’ ve been with Foap since 2015 and payments delays were pretty rare; and when those delays did happen, they did not take longer than 4 weeks.
    On the other hand, now we have to wait for at least 2 or 3 months to get paid.

    I lost my motivation to take part in any kind of missions which is very sad for me, because I’ve always enjoyed Foap and was always excited to upload new photos.
    It is not about the money itself because sometimes there are small sums that won’t make us rich, it is about principle and trust.
    The connection between any stock platform and photographers is based on mutual trust and being paid on time helps build that trust because punctuality gives everyone a feeling of stability. When one of the parties does something and brokes this trust, the connection will automatically be affected.

    • 24

      Hello Madeline, thank you for your feedback. While we have some temporary payment delays, I want to assure you that no photo payments have been overlooked. I apologize for any inconvenience, especially for long-time users like you who might feel less motivated for missions. Please know that we’re actively addressing these issues, though I can’t provide an exact timeline.

      We understand delayed payments can be frustrating and a potential deal-breaker. I’m grateful for users who continue to share great photos, inspire others, and support the community despite these temporary challenges. Your support means a lot to us. Thank you!

      • 25

        It seems that everybody else I talked to got their money, except me…Paying randomly is not a postivie aspect.
        So, under these circumstances, my question is how should I find my motivation for continuing using Foap?

    • 27

      I absolutely agree with you. Demotivating 100% Sad to have stopped taking part of missions, but relieved of not having to be dealing with that all the time anymore. I hope you get paid soon.

  13. 28
    • 29

      Hi Kat! The interest in the mission was huge and we are so happy about it <3 but it did overwhelm us a little, we still want to give the same care and attention to all the photos so we are taking a bit more time to reward it. It should be done in a couple of days!

      • 30

        I certainly do not envy your task – only two out of thousands?! Good luck to the Foap team and the contenders!

  14. 31

    Good afternoon, please tell me, the payment has been delayed since August… when can I expect payment? We all understand that international transfers are difficult. but at present, this is not a problem that takes so many months to solve. in other companies from the moment of withdrawal to receipt of funds, only 7-10 days. Why do you have to wait a month from the moment of withdrawal and it is not yet known how many months? I’m a photographer, and this is my livelihood, I spend time coming up with a story, photographing, posting, etc. and is very anxiously in uncertainty. I, like other photographers, appreciate and love Foap, and we would really like reciprocity.

  15. 33

    Hey Foap Team! I’ve noticed a trend on a couple of missions that are not only “…of the Month.” Initially, my pictures show up under the Submitted section. Then at some point, I can only find them under My Photos. Is this the process Foap uses to narrow down the photos being considered for a reward? Since none of the 14 photos I uploaded to the “Introduce Your Pet” Mission are now shown in the Submitted section, is it safe to assume they will not be finalists?

  16. 35

    Hello .

    I have sold 18 photography and get paid for half maybe. I Will not post anymore before I get my payment, you guys are very late this time .
    I think you better stop all contest until all the winners get their payments if not this photography world isent serious anymore ,and you wil lose members.Its to SAd;(

    • 36

      Hi Heidi! We’re really sorry for the delay. Your pending payment were just transferred, we’re working through the backlog caused by technical issues as quickly as possible! Thank you for your patience.

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