To our community and all our fans


Dear Foapers,

We are currently facing several server problems due to the huge amount of traffic and new users joining the community. You might have trouble uploading your photos and using parts of the app at this time.

We have recently soared to the Top 10 of the App Store’s (U.S.) most popular apps! This is obviously incredible for everyone here at Foap, but as a result our servers are overloaded by the volume of traffic. We are a very small team, and we are doing everything we can to solve the problems as soon as possible! We are very grateful and humbled by all this attention and hope for your understanding and patience with us; You are Foap, and no matter how big Foap gets, you will always be our community and we will do everything we can in order to make you guys happy. Together we are building something amazing and in times like these we need your support the most. We have received many personal emails and tweets today and I promise that we are listening. We will take the time to answer every single one of them as soon as we are back to providing the user experience you deserve. We will keep you updated on the progress on Facebook, Twitter and our blog.

Thank you all so much. Foap wouldn’t be Foap without you.


David Los

CEO & Co-founder


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Jill Locke Moulton says:

Love the app and the concept! I had a few problems in the beginning – or a combination of slow server response and user app error – but I am hanging in there and I know you are working hard to fix the issues. Thanks you!

Bwess says:

I have several photos that are in upload status, but won’t go any further, and several in review. The review photos are not being reviewed. Are these the issues you are talking about? Do I just leave them in their current status until things get moving again? Thanks. handstamped59@hotmail.com

Michelle G says:

Thank you for providing this wonderful app, it is well worth the wait and I appreciate that you admit the problems and I am sure the fix is in the works. Thanks again I will always be a loyal foaper!

Shanna Renee Brondstetter says:

Looking forward to what this program can help independent photographers like me get noticed. Very interested in the concept of your program!

Michelle Lavelle says:

It’s awesome seeing a startup do so well that they have these kind of problems! You have done a great job of trying to keep everthing running smooth. Sure there are a few hiccups, but they’ve been tolerable. Congratulations & I look forward to all the great things Foap will bring!

rocky_rhodes says:

why cant you make it so we can upload off the computer ??

Aj Saulnier says:

I agree I want (and will) post once Foap;s issues are resolved and I can get in. I love the concept of Foap and highly look forward to working with it when I can

Oolon Coluphid says:

I second this request. I’d like to be able to rate and upload photos from a browser on a desktop of laptop.

Greg Scott Elder says:

You can think ABC News America this Morning! for the troubles. My app was working just fine.

Scott Hendrickson says:

Not a single function functions. Obviously a joke or created by imbeciles. (0/5 stars)

Come on, things just don’t work when there’s overload of these proportions. Give it some time and things will start working again. Their business depends on it.

Thomas Moen says:

Hey, be nice. Any startup facing this kind of traffic would experience some issues. Foap has been an stable awesome service for a long time – and all the users understand that some growing pains when awesome stuff like this happens is normal.