If you can’t get a model release

Sometimes a brand want photos of people doing things. It could be people running, having a dinner, cooking food – anything. You want to participate in the mission, but when you’re in the section where you have to fill in model releases for the photo you remember that you didn’t get a model release from any of the persons in the photo, and now you will not be able to meet them for a long time.

What to do? Well – check your camera roll and see if you did get any photo where there’s people but no recognizable faces. It’s when the faces are shown and you can see what person it is, that you need a model release. This means that if you find a photo where perhaps one person is showing their back and the other one is turning their head away from the camera – upload that photo! Here’s a great shot by magnussandstrom who illustrates a person in action without having any faces visible, well done!


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