Meet Chris Narisi: The winner of the “Bud & Burgers” Mission by Budweiser

Hello Foap Buddies!

We have the winner of the “Bud & Burgers” Mission by Budweiser!

This Mission was simply spectacular. So many amazing photos of one of best combinations you can ever get: A burger and a Budweiser. Going through all the beautiful and creative submissions will make you hungry and thirsty. They are delicious.

The winner, picked by the Budweiser team is Chris Narisi (@cmnphoto), from Philadelphia. Chis, whose winning photo you can see above, was rewarded with $500! Now, join us and find out more about this Bud fan and very talented photographer.

Chris, first of all, congratulations on winning the Mission! You’ve just won a Mission! This is money and glory! 🙂 You’ve just been chosen by Budweiser!

It’s very cool to see something come to fruition and have The Foap Community really be as vibrant and as friendly as they have been to me, as well as providing a way to get in front of bigger brands such as Budweiser and making them accessible to the average photographer. The recognition is overwhelming, I’m elated!

Who stands behind the username @cmnphoto? We’d love to get to know you better 🙂

I’m just a normal guy from Philadelphia, named Chris, who owns a camera and a few lenses…maybe a cat or two…


Your winning photo is really great! How did you manage to take this shot?

I took this shot on a Nikkon D5100 with a Nikkor 35mm fixed focal lens (somewhere around 3200 ISO 1/320 or so). I think i just made sure the focus point was the can of beer, not the burger, which seemed like Budweiser would want.

Your bio says: “Photography in sunny Philadelphia”. What do you like to photograph in Philadelphia the most and why?

Philadelphia has got to be one of the most overlooked cities when it comes to the arts! Our city is as vibrant, colorful and friendly as it gets, as well as right smack in the middle of a ton of history! And, no, I didn’t start off by photographing cheese steaks.


You photograph music bands a lot. Why is that and what’s the challenge in photographing musicians?

Photographing musicians is one of my favorite things to shoot, not only because I love music, but also, sometimes you can get lucky enough and capture that moment of joy, just pure energy and passion coming from the performer, which is why we all become artists in the first place, isn’t it? Those sorts of candid shots make me all warm inside.


If we were to choose a favourite photo from your portfolio, it would be Philadelphia city line from a rooftop. But which photo would you choose and why?

That rooftop is actually from an old apartment i lived in, but i’d have to say my favorite shot I’ve uploaded to Foap would be ‘forty one’ with the singer just belting it out, those are the candid and pure moments sometimes I get lucky enough to catch.  If you actually listen to the music while you’re shooting, you can get an idea for when the artists will jump, shout, headbang or do something equally awesome.


Wow! That’s a really awesome shot! Now, we’d love to hear your story of joining Foap. How did you hear about it and why did you decide to join our community?

A dear old friend of mine (fellow Foaper @meganashley) came across Foap and referred me to try it. I sold my first photo within the first two weeks and I was sold! Plus, it’s way better than scrolling through Instagram or Facebook all day for nothing! The users and Community on Foap are visionaries, professionals and average people who all share one thing, a love for photography. What could be better?


Last but not least, who would you recommend for new Foapers to start following?

I love living vicariously through people like @paulcowell who travel the world and take amazing pictures all over it (and whose post production work is amazing btw) and @tokayto – the self proclaimed hobbyist who sure seems professional to me with all his great landscapes and such. There’s so many to name because Foapers everywhere are so inspirational and they are all over the planet! I’d love to connect with more Foapers who shoot candidly so if I should be paying attention to you, feel free to drop me a line!

Thank you Chris! It’s a pleasure to have you in our Community 🙂 And we’re happy to know you better now. See you on Foap!

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