Weekly update #1

Hi Foapers!


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We wanted to sum up a bit last week at Foap because there was a lot going on. Rewards are high so we don’t want you to miss a thing! 🤑


We’ve launched new exciting Missions with Pepsi, all about happy moments in life:

$600 in total rewards 💰


We’ve started new NIVEA Missions:

Altogether $500 💰


Post udostępniony przez Foap (@foap)


We have new Borden Cheese Missions for farm lovers:

With a chance to win $300 altogether 💰

Post udostępniony przez Foap (@foap)


Bank of America has 4 new Missions:

$800 in rewards 💰


Post udostępniony przez Foap (@foap)


2 fun Missions with Getty Images:

Altogether $200 💰

New winter Mission from Poland.Travel:

$100 for the best photo 💰



And Mission with French’s for food lovers:

$500 for photographer who will take the best snap 💰

Post udostępniony przez Foap (@foap)


Altogether $3000 in rewards 🚀 And that is only last week! Join and upload your beautiful photos through Foap app. 





Foap Team

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