Winners of the 2023 Video of the Year

A few weeks back, we sorted through the videos submitted to the Foap contest and selected the top videos in three categories: Introduce Yourself, Product I Love and My Best TikTok / Instagram Reel. We then brought in independent judges to pick the winners, and now, drumroll please, here are the Winners!

Video of the Year: Introduce Yourself

Let’s not just showcase your work but give folks a glimpse of the real you! Grab a camera, spill the beans about where you live, the kind of content you love creating (photos? videos? spill the beans!), and let the brands know why hitching their wagon to you is the best idea.


Judge: Adam Nowakowski, Creative Agency Partner CEE w Meta


Winner: ffracoon

Judge’s comment:
“We only get one chance at making a first impression. Getting it right means striking a balance between what is true about you, what is interesting to an audience, and doing so at an instant. ffracoon is a perfect example. Before we even learn his name, we’re informed he does “epic shit”. Proof soon follows. Most of us don’t jump off baloons, nor must we. Whatever it is we do – bake bread, train dogs, play bridge or just chill on the beach – our job is to make it exciting, make it fun, make it thumb-stopping.




Video of the Year: Product I Love

Pick any product that you’re head over heels for – it could be a cream, gadget, bike, car, you name it. Then, whip up a quick video flaunting it. Tell us why you’re smitten and what magic you create with it. Surprise us!

Judge: Ian St.George Freeman, Creative Director | Data Enthusiast

Winner: noviandiyogu

Judge’s comment:
“No words, but hooks the viewer, keeps them engages with a fun beat and clearly demonstrates the value prop of the product visually. it’s great because this would work on multiple platforms well.




Video of the Year: My Best TikTok / Instagram Reel

Just upload your best video from TikTok or Instagram.

Judge: Hannah Parry, EU Partner Manager at TikTok

alt image logo

Winner: conrad-mahlangu

Judge’s comment:

“Loved the timing of this, such an iconic song that I was just getting ready to launch into alongside the creator before the GPS lady got in there and interrupted! [Facepalm] Also think it really encapsulates what so much of the platform is about – familiar/relatable content mixed in with entertainment!


Congratulations to all the Winners!

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