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The $1,000 Video of the Year Contest

Welcome to our first Video of the Year contest!

More and more brands want to team up with awesome content creators like you, not just for photos but also for videos. This is your golden opportunity to jump in and ramp up your earnings.

Here are the deets for the contest:

Mission 1: Introduce Yourself

Let’s not just showcase your work but give folks a glimpse of the real you! Grab a camera, spill the beans about where you live, the kind of content you love creating (photos? videos? spill the beans!), and let the brands know why hitching their wagon to you is the best idea.

Mission 2: Product I Love

Pick any product that you’re head over heels for – it could be a cream, gadget, bike, car, you name it. Then, whip up a quick video flaunting it. Tell us why you’re smitten and what magic you create with it. Surprise us!

Mission 3: My Best TikTok / Instagram Reel

Just upload your best video from TikTok or Instagram.


Our mystery judges (their identities are coming soon!) will handpick the most captivating videos as the Videos of the Year. Every rewarded Foaper will score a cool $250 and free promotion on our social media.

Once you upload your videos to the Video of the Year mission in the Foap app, they’ll take center stage on your profile (the version brands see), giving you an extra boost with them! Get ready to create those killer videos and let the world know why you’re the brand’s top pick! 🚀

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    Good afternoon, please tell me when the payment for November and December will be? In the support service, they don’t write anything specific except be patient. Now is the holidays and I really need money. I will be very grateful if I still receive payments during December

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    Hi everyone, I signed up earlier this morning, am new here so I solicit for the assistance of everyone in this community on how to earn income on foap.
    Thank you

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    Hello, I have reached out to support a few times now regarding the payments I have not received yet for the last 7 months now. Every time I’ve been brushed off with the same excuse. I’m running out of patience now. This is not the way to treat people that keep your business going. Also, you wouldn’t want to loose your partners/buyers because of this.
    I hope I will receive my money as soon as possible.
    Thank you.

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    Hello, could you please advise when my last payment will be transferred? I understand the only way to receive it is to write a comment here.

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