Tip Tuesday: How to sell more on Foap

I hope you are all having a great Tuesday! We decided that we should set aside a day in the week, every week, to discuss issues around Foap, functionality, updates, and/or pieces of advice we often hear from Foapers or our buyers. It will be anything and everything to make Foap fun!


Today, we’d like to share just a few tips on how to sell more with Foap. We are the app that turns your photos into dollars. Here’s a few ways on how to increase your sales:

Size of portfolio and sales.

It goes without saying that sales through Foap are not only a question of adding great, authentic photos to your portfolio but also a question of its size, or in simpler terms: the larger your portfolio on Foap, the higher your sales. Our photo buyers are constantly looking for a great variety of real photos for their marketing and communications. A large portfolio increases your chances for higher sales.

Key words are, well, key to higher sales.

The app requires that you enter at least 2 key words for each photo you add to Foap, but the more key words you add, the higher the chance buyers will find it. On the other hand, let’s keep the quality of Foap high. If you have a picture of a fish don’t use “cat” as one of your key words. 😉 Appropriate and numerous key words increase sales.

Strength in diversity.

Ok, let’s say you really love flowers. Who doesn’t? And so you have created a portfolio of 500 photos of beautiful flowers. What if, hypothetically, buyers are looking for photos of rocks? What then? I think you see where I’m going with this. To sell photos on Foap, don’t just have a large portfolio – have a diverse one.


Missions make things easy. Our buyers specify what they’re looking for and provide you with an example photo of what they are looking for. So take part, get creative and win larger sums of money than the standard $5 per photo!

Have any other tips on how to sell photos on Foap? Have any questions, suggestions or comments? Let us know in the comments below!

Foap on!

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