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The Best Food in the World

This time, the country’s challenge is all about food. We were looking for Foapers who enjoy tasty meals and would like to collaborate with well-known food brands by providing them photos of food – for money, free products, discounts, and other benefits.

To find them, we’ve asked chosen users to upload photos of their favorite food. Next, all users in every country could choose their representatives with votes.

Representatives won rewards, and all Fopaer could comment on their favorite photos to help us choose the best 10 food photos. Check them out now!


The main rules for this country challenge are just like the previous ones:

▪️Stage 1: Nominated users can share their photos in the mission dedicated to their country  (ended).

▪️Stage 2: Users in every country can vote for photos to help choose their country’s representatives.

▪️Stage 3: The best photos from each country are visible to all Foapers, and they can comment on them to help them win and to win rewards for the best comments.

▪️Stage 4: From the final 10 photos, the most successful Foapers choose the winners.


More than 100 Foapers will be rewarded in this challenge!

1st place: $200
2nd place: $100
3rd place: $50
4-10 places: $20 each
The best photos in each country: $10 for each photo (rewarded)
10 authors of the best comments: $10 each


For detailed information, you can check out our FAQ. Do you have any questions? Want to share what you think about this challenge? Let us know in the comments below.



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  1. 1

    Hi friends I am a indian ,Indians are so foody , one food I prepare fish fry and rice .

  2. 3
  3. 5
  4. 7

    I’m a Papua new Guinean citizen and I would like to join this web site to establishing my identity ????

    • 8

      You can join Foap whatever you want, Michael – just by installing the app. If you want to join the country challenge – you need to be an active and verified user – join any other mission, and after our team checks out your photos – you will be approved to join the next country challenge.

  5. 11

    Salut chers foapers
    J aimerais participer dans cette missoon,, the best food in morocco”
    The famous food is : COUSCOUS
    In my city marrakech when i born my favorite food and famous is ” the TANJIA” bog clay made of dust in wich we cooked the meat of the lamb or meat the the cow.
    Thank you

  6. 13

    I still new and having trouble understanding the app and its navigation. I was excited about getting started and I usually don’t have many issues navigating a new app. Generally, they’re intuitive. FOAP I cannot figure out.

    Today I received an email indicating I’ve been invited to post a food photo. I log into the app go to the Mission, see that I am invited but it also looks like I have to pay for it with the COINS I earned to enter? That’s not an invitation that’s an advertisement to purchase. I’d like to be more active but it looks bait-n-switch. I hope I’m wrong.

    Can someone on the team assist me…please and thank you.

    • 14

      Hi DD, thank you for sharing your feedback. I totally get your point. I want to share with you a little of our “backstage” 🙂

      For this mission, we need to limit the number of photos each user can upload. And without costly and time-consuming development, for now, we can do it only with Premium Missions (coins required).

      Check out the number of Foap Coins you need to join this mission. It’s… 1 Foap Coin 🙂 If you’re an active user, you get 50 or 100 Foap Coins for free every month, so I hope 1 Foap Coin you need to spend will not stop you from joining this challenge. Good luck!

  7. 15
  8. 17

    I simply love the foap app. Though I’m a new user, My photos are great ones of course I will upload A good quality photo of pizza I got from “Pizza hut” Thanks to my HD high QP photo camera and PicsArt.
    And thanks to all members of foap.

  9. 19

    Hi, I moved to Thailand about 2 1/2 years ago, and just updated my profile.

    I would like to represent/post food from my adopted country, where I now live.

    I have alredy started to take pics of food here for the contest. When I went to join the mission, it looks like I am assigned to the U.S.

    As I can’t take any pictures of U.S. food, since I now live 8,000 miles away in Thailand, can you reassign me to this mission for Thailand (I have not uploaded any pics for the mission yet.)

    There is a lot of different, great food here that I would like to share, and enter into the mission.


    Ted Fischer

    • 20

      Hi Ted, thanks for letting us know. We just updated the mission settings, and now the Thailand mission is available for you. I can’t wait to see your photos from this paradise. Good luck!

  10. 21
  11. 23

    Hello, I am Shahreh from Qazvin, Iran, with very kind and dear people. I have won several of my photos in Fop and I thank the good team of Fop.
    I wanted to say that Iran has very diverse and delicious foods And I have a question, does taking photos at higher prices depend on the quality of the camera or the opinions of the users?

    • 24

      Hi Shahreh, don’t worry about how good your camera is. Even with a smartphone camera, you can take a photo that will win in our missions. It happens all the time! Taking good-quality photos with a smartphone camera is usually more difficult than with a DSLR, for example, but if you take a photo in daylight, you can totally nail it. Check out How are mission winners chosen article, but remember that for the Country Challenge rating photos is more important than for general missions. Good luck!

  12. 25
  13. 27
  14. 28
  15. 29

    I am unable to participate in voting. Selecting “Photos” just sends me to my own submissions.

    • 30

      Hi Vivian! It seems like a glitch, sorry about that! Please try reinstalling the app to reset it. If the issue persists do not hesitate to reach out to support with some screenshots, thanks!

  16. 31

    Hi I’m Dhanesh here, so I’m from Malaysia as well. At Malaysia there is a lot of foods to explore but the most delicious and favourite for all of the Malaysian is Nasi Lemak. Nasi Lemak is the ultimate Malaysian food. The combination of the spicy sambal, creamy coconut rice, crisp cucumber and boiled egg brings a balance in flavour that is totally indescribable.

  17. 33

    I believe that the best food in the world has to be sweet, simple, and affordable. The pancakes/flap jacks ? are the best I’ve seen so far. A perfect breakfast for kids and adults. But still, the photo with the ? is clean and not creative at all. The best photo in my opinion is the last one, there is way more attention to detail. Thank you for making me hungry, Foap ?.

  18. 34

    There are a lot of delicious meals in the world which I need to taste because when I see them on the internet they look yummy…
    Chinese rice tastes so good, I’m not from China but I have tasted the Chinese rice..?

  19. 35

    Hi I am Filipino and I love Filipino when it comes in cuisine because of its mouthwatering flavor and enticing scent. It is clearly distinguishable from other cuisines because of its color and presentation. With each bite, its unique flavors, scents, and colors create a full sensory experience.

  20. 36

    Potato wedges always does it for me,the last dish looks spectacular,i would kill for that dish,the quality is just right
    -Brandy Nkuna

  21. 37
  22. 38
  23. 39

    Meal that is high in protein, this meal is perfect for anyone looking to add more to their diet without sacrificing taste

  24. 40
  25. 41

    Best food in Africa, Nigeria and in Yoruba land is AMALA, EWEDU WITH GBEGIRI with Ogunfe

  26. 42

    Best food in Africa and in Yoruba land is AMALA, ewedu with gbegiri with Ogunfe and ponmo

  27. 43

    Our favorite food in Palestine is musakhan bread soaked in olive oil and seasoned with fried onions and spices, the most important of which is sumac and roasted chicken placed on top of the loaf

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