The Best Food in the World

This time, the country’s challenge is all about food. We were looking for Foapers who enjoy tasty meals and would like to collaborate with well-known food brands by providing them photos of food – for money, free products, discounts, and other benefits.

To find them, we’ve asked chosen users to upload photos of their favorite food. Next, all users in every country could choose their representatives with votes.

Representatives won rewards, and all Fopaer could comment on their favorite photos to help us choose the best 10 food photos. Check them out now!


The main rules for this country challenge are just like the previous ones:

▪️Stage 1: Nominated users can share their photos in the mission dedicated to their country  (ended).

▪️Stage 2: Users in every country can vote for photos to help choose their country’s representatives.

▪️Stage 3: The best photos from each country are visible to all Foapers, and they can comment on them to help them win and to win rewards for the best comments.

▪️Stage 4: From the final 10 photos, the most successful Foapers choose the winners.


More than 100 Foapers will be rewarded in this challenge!

1st place: $200
2nd place: $100
3rd place: $50
4-10 places: $20 each
The best photos in each country: $10 for each photo (rewarded)
10 authors of the best comments: $10 each


For detailed information, you can check out our FAQ. Do you have any questions? Want to share what you think about this challenge? Let us know in the comments below.



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