Mission Winners, Winners Announced

Selfies of people from around the world – Winners!

We’ve asked you to introduce yourselves through selfies to our clients – well-known beauty brands looking for collaborations with a diverse community of creators.

First, the representatives from each country were chosen by our curators based on creativity, rates, and overall quality.
Then we asked you to share your feedback and comment on pictures to help us choose the finalists.

Lastly, our top creators chose the winners through surveys.

Here are the three main winners:

3rd place ($50): The Best Selfie from Sweden by cabday


2nd place ($100): The Best selfie from Vietnam by ishipookli


Thank you for participating by uploading, commenting, and rating! We loved hearing your feedback and seeing you spread the community’s love in the comments. We simply cannot wait for the next edition of the Country Challenge!
Tell us what you think, and congratulate our winners in the comments below.

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    I’m surprised the Payment Status tab in my account can’t be opened due to server issues, but it’s been taking too long.

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      Hi there! Unfortunately, we are experiencing some temporary server issues in the withdrawal section of the app. Please reach out to our support regarding your payments, we will provide all the information and assistance needed! 🙂

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      Hello, you can see if your photo got votes or comments in the newsfeed section. If a photo sells, you will receive a notification or email as well as a green banner will be visible in your profile, letting you know how many photos you have sold.

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    I admire when I look at the photo of the winners!
    They have a rich imagination, bravo!

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