Meet the winner of Malibu’s Piña Coladas Mission

She is a mother of four and, a Malibu fan and is becoming a “photo ninja”. Sandra Smith’s (@sandys9kck) amazing shot above was selected by the Malibu team as the winner of “If you like Malibu Piña Coladas Mission”. Join us and get to know Sandra and the fun story behind this shot. Have a nice reading!

Congratulations Sandra on winning this great Mission. You are now officially a Piña Colada expert! 🙂 So many nice shots were submitted to the Mission but yours was picked as the winner! How did you react when you got the good news?

Thank you. I think I’m in shock a little at winning the challenge. There were so many great pictures. I don’t know how the Malibu Team was able to pick just one. When I got the email saying I won, I was so excited. I’m still on cloud nine about it.


How did you come up with the idea for your shot? What was the biggest challenge when shooting this photo?

I came up with the idea for the photo while sitting by the pool after reading the Mission description. The photo is taken on a rock table that’s inside our pool. What you can’t see is all the chaos going on out of the picture. My three year old twins were swimming at the time and splashing everything, the umbrellas kept blowing away and my crazy dog was just waiting for an opportunity to steal the other half of the coconut! It was insanity!


Your bio says: “Just learning photography”. How did you become interested in photography and how did you learn about Foap?

I’ve always been interested in photography but never had the time to explore it. It’s just a hobby for now. I’m a stay at home mom of four. I love taking photos of my family. My favorite pictures are the candid ones they don’t know I’m taking. I’m becoming a photo ninja.


Which photo from your portfolio would you pick as your favourite one?

If I had to choose one from my portfolio to be my favorite, I couldn’t. I remember all the stories behind the photos.


What are your next Foap plans? What are you planning to capture in the coming weeks or which Missions do you want to join?

I heard about Foap from my husband who heard about it from a morning show. My next Foap plans are to keep uploading photos. I plan to explore different places with my kids over the summer and will always have my camera with me. The next mission I’m excited about is “Golden Hour”. It’s my favorite time of the day to take pictures.


Thank you Sandra! Congratulations once again on winning the Mission and congrats also for your beautiful family! It was great to hear your story and we’re looking forward to seeing your photos in “The “Golden Hour” Mission.

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