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Photo of the Month – $300 contest for active Foap Plus users

The Photo of the Month is an exclusive $300 challenge available only to active Foap Plus users, offering significantly higher chances of winning.

It’s where the best Foapers get to showcase their finest work!

How does it work?

  • Foap Plus users who have used the app in the previous month can find the mission titled “Upload your Photo of the Month” where they can submit their photos.
  • Our dedicated team carefully curates the uploaded photos, selecting the most outstanding shots.
  • These chosen photos will receive top placement within our app!
  • The Photo of the Month will be selected by one of our top Foap users or our guests.
  • Additionally, the other 50 selected photos will also be rewarded for their excellence.

The creators of the best photos may get the opportunity to be featured on our social media accounts.

The Recent Winners:

Photo of the Month – Creators Award (August) by tata.fotos

Photo of the Month – Editors’ Choice (August) by laura.ad

The Photo of the Month (September) by leencrombez was chosen by mansymanse and she said:

“I chose this photo as the photo of the month because it made me smile the moment I saw it. Photography is not just about technicalities. It’s not just about the grandest subject nor the most beautiful places. It also helps us to capture a soul. To relay a message. And to spread it for people to see. A smile is indeed contagious.”

The Photo of the Month (October) by @lizwhite was chosen by @shannonfieldsphoto and she said:

“I loved so many of the photos in this mission and there are many that deserve prizes and recognition. I could identify something great about each of them. Ultimately, I chose this photo of horses because it is challenging for a photographer to do a portrait of an animal in a truly original way. The photographer used a classic composition technique of framing the subject, but then did the framing with another horse. So creative! Looking at the photo, I felt myself drawn through the frame toward the subject! Well done!”


The Photo of the Month (November) by @jean-isard was chosen by @meolia and she said:

“It’s out of the box. The image has air and mystery in it. Classic black-and-white palette captivating the eyes of viewers on gorgeous symmetry created by the reflection of the landscape in water.”

The Photo of the Month (December) by dodyk.dodyk was chosen by melissabrock1 and she said:

“The image titled Rice Fields and Mountains in Rural Indonesia is absolutely stunning in such a serene and simplistic way. I love the composition and everything from the leading lines and depth, to the lighting and reflection of the water, to the way it is beautifully broken into thirds feels really welcoming and draws the viewer in. Well done @dodyk.dodgyk!”

The Photo of the Month (January) by vorobushek_arch was chosen by nodar and he said:

“After going through all the great shots several times I stopped on this moody black and white. I feel the energy in this photo and it reminds me of a great classic movie (“The Birds”).”


The Photo of the Month (February) by @lost_stars was chosen by @fotopawel and he said:

“The choice was not easy. I had my eye on a few other photos, but in the end I chose this photo. The world seen from above shows a whole new face. An example is the photo I chose. A person in a hat with a plantation in the background, together they create unique, aesthetic and colorful shapes that attract and make you stop at this photo for longer.”


The Photo of the Month (March) by @takemewo was chosen by @samray and he said:

“From a technical standpoint, it’s composed really well. The subjects of interest are in sharp focus. Also, the rule of thirds allowed for a well balanced composition, with the cup on the lower third line, and the kettle at the junction of the upper third and right third lines. And of course the bright red kettle really gives it that extra pop, especially with a beautifully blurred and muted background of the rugged landscape.

But what really elevates this photo is the story. Go “unplug” with the one you love. Headlines in the news are filled with unpleasantries around the world, and we are surrounded by a constant barrage of digital technology and self-imposed pressure to stay engaged on social media. So, what I see here is simply a man and a woman enjoying the great outdoors together, with a focus only on one another as he pours a cup of hot tea for his partner. I love the relaxed posture of her hand holding the cup. I can feel my tension ease as a viewer. No digitalness, no deadlines. Just quiet contentment.”


The Photo of the Month (April) by @foapper62794 was chosen by @gailstu and she said:

“This stunning image stood out from all the other entries to me because of its crispness, lighting and pop of colour. I think these three factors were the reasons I chose this photo as the winner. Also this photo shouts loudly to me as being the epitome of  “APRIL” with its colourful fresh yellow Springtime flowers and it was actually taken recently in April which I like too !”


The Photo of the Month (May) by @parasca was chosen by @mylove4art and she said:

“This original “zipper” closeup caught my attention as soon as I saw it! A very simple shot, yet very original and creative with a great angle choice and a nice choice of bright matching colors between the slider and the matches to create an interesting version of a very common everyday object. Congratulations!”


The Photo of the Month (June) was taken by @sercan-apb, handpicked by one of our best users, @takemewu and they said:

“This photo stood out to me. It’s well composed and the lighting is great. It’s very interesting because it captures a unique moment and different perspective.”

The Photo of the Month (July) was taken by @gabiprincess2, handpicked by our Head of Community, @artur and he said:

“I like when photos are not just pretty but also tell a story or send a message. To me, this picture is about the difference between natural beauty and enhanced beauty. People on social media usually only show their best sides and hide their imperfections. This can be bad for mental health, especially for young people and women, because it’s impossible to be as perfect as these standards. With this photo, let’s remind ourselves that we are beautiful with all our imperfections, and we don’t need to hide behind makeup and filters. We are good enough just the way nature made us.”


The Photo of the Month (August) was taken by @mverkhoturtseva, and selected by Michał – Foap’s Head of Product, who commented:

“I really like the composition of this photo, and everything here fits together: the port, the boat in the background, what the girl is wearing, and the theme of the book she’s holding. From a technical standpoint, the photo is great as well, and the characteristic color editing by @mverkhoturtseva gives the photo a perfect atmosphere.”


The Photo of the Month (September) was taken by @foapper65951 and chosen by one of our top Foapers, @4tamwaldav. Here’s what they had to say:

“This beautiful photo immediately caught my eye with its vibrant colors and its ability to capture the essence of the early Fall season.”

The Photo of the Month (October), created by @tom3cki, was chosen by one of our best creators, @djmon1que, and here’s what she said:

“I’ve got to admit, choosing one photo from so many great works wasn’t an easy task. However, this picture really caught my eye. I really enjoy shots that showcase stairs twisted like a snail’s shell. There’s something captivating about them. Also, I like the editing of this photo, especially the colors. Great job. Congratulations!”

The Photo of the Month (November), created by @suebarr, was chosen by one of our best creators, @mchomina, and here’s what they said:

“The candidness of youth, hope and joy is captured wonderfully in this photo. I can hear this photo and it makes me smile.”


The Photo of the Month (December) was taken by @fatihaouaarab2 and handpicked by one of our best users, @kaser, who said:

“This photo caught my eye. It perfectly suits the December theme. I appreciate the composition, especially the girl in a Santa costume standing in the door frame. The colors are well-chosen, ensuring nothing disrupts the spectator’s attention.”

The Photo of the Month (January) was taken by @dylpickles and handpicked by one of our best users, @ananasska. She said:

“The black background makes the dog stand out, the orange color of the fur is like the sun during the golden hour, with perfect color balance. The details are captured with clear focus. The dog appears to be smiling, which makes me smile back. The picture brings warmth and love!”



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  1. 1
  2. 2

    Should we enter the best of our pictures from the month of July or from our profile or rather something entirely new? A picture that has already been selected in a previous challenge- can it be entered again?

  3. 9

    Pls I kinda find this difficult ? pls where are we to start uploading our pics.
    Moreover, foap is awesome. Thanks, God bless ?

  4. 13
  5. 15
  6. 17
    • 18

      In the Photo of the Month mission, active Foap Plus users can upload photos in the first month. In the next month, all users will be able to rate photos, and the winners will be announced. Good luck to the participants!

  7. 19
  8. 21

    I completely misunderstood this mission, I thought the first prize was based on votes, I didn’t realise Foap selects the finalists. I was worrying about not getting enough votes, when I should have been more concerned that my photo wasn’t good enough!

    • 22

      Hey Marie, thank you for this feedback. In the most number of missions, even ordinary photos can win, and even “good-enough” quality is ok. “Photo of the Month” and “Photo of the Week” missions are dedicated to the best photographers, and photos need to be truly great here. This is why we decided to moderate it. This information was available in the mission description, but thanks to your feedback, we will try to make it more visible, thank you!

      Also, I know your photos, Marie, they are great, so I was surprised why your photo hasn’t been chosen this time. I just checked it and you uploaded these sunglasses with faces. We thought it was a graphic design, not a photo possible to take without photo manipulation, which is why it is not in the final.

      We will start the new Photo of the Month very soon, please upload one of your best shots that looks like a photo, not a graphic design, and I’m pretty sure you will be in the final 🙂 Good luck!

      • 23

        Thanks! I’m glad you liked my photo and really appreciate the positive feedback ? It was a photo in the sense I took cut outs of mouth shapes (from one of those selfie kits) and placed them on coloured card with the sunglasses. Though I battled with so many reflections and also trying to clean up the backing card that I think my edges lost their definition, so it probably looked more like a graphic. Might re-edit that with more care!

  9. 24
  10. 27
  11. 28
  12. 29
  13. 30
  14. 32
  15. 33
  16. 34
  17. 35
  18. 36
  19. 37

    I want to ask what if you are asked to send a photo release on Foap but it’s a photo of a person we don’t know because we took a quick photo while passing by on the street while the person in the photo is not recognized and we can’t find the person and we don’t know the address where they live.

    • 38

      Hi Nurseha! Pictures sold on Foap could be used for commercial purposes so it is best to only upload pictures of people you can obtain consent from if their faces can be recognized.

  20. 39
  21. 40
  22. 42
  23. 43
  24. 44
  25. 45
  26. 46
  27. 47
  28. 48
  29. 50

    This photo is absolutely breathtakingly stunning ? ?? some have even said angelic! Hats are off to you my friend!! The most gorgeous photo I’ve ever seen. ???????

  30. 51
  31. 53
  32. 54
  33. 55
  34. 56
  35. 57
  36. 58
  37. 59
  38. 60
  39. 61
  40. 62
  41. 63
  42. 64
  43. 65
  44. 66
  45. 67
  46. 68

    I’m fairly new to Foap, and have found that many of the candid shots posted are remarkably artistic, and worthy of winning the missions to which they are submitted.
    Also, I have noticed that there are several photos which seem to be professionally staged and edited.
    Are professional photos being bought from Foap for $10, or sent to Getty pro stock images for purchase?
    Can you explain more about the photos on Foap profiles that are in “purchased” status?
    Thanks for the clarifications,

    • 69

      Hey there, Katrina! Welcome to our Community! The Photo of the Month mission — is pretty special. In this mission, we focus on selecting and rewarding photos purely based on their aesthetics. It’s all about capturing stunning visuals that catch the eye.

      In other missions, things work a bit differently. You’ll usually find a specific brief that outlines what content we’re looking for. The key to getting rewarded is to deliver the best content that matches the brief, while also ensuring it’s of decent quality. Oh, and being authentic is super important too!

      Speaking of rewards, they can vary quite a bit! If you want more details, you can check out our knowledge base at: https://foap.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003154363-How-to-make-money-on-Foap-

      Hope that helps!

      • 70

        Dear Foap Team –
        I do not envy your “mission” to chose only 50 submissions for Editor’s Choice! It would be so interesting to be a fly on your wall, and hear the discussions you must have about which photos do or don’t make the cut. It’s hard enough to choose the best one to offer up from my own collection!
        Thank you for all of your encouragements and thoughtful considerations.
        Y’all rock!

        • 71

          Hello Katrina! <3 I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for recognizing the effort we put into selecting the best photos and videos for our missions. It's undeniable that our team's dedication sometimes sparks lively discussions, and it's all in good spirits! Your suggestion to share the reasoning behind our winning choices is great, and we'll try to find an effective way to do so. If more Foapers show interest in this kind of feedback, we'll gladly make it a rule. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

  47. 72

    Is it enough to just update pics in my Foap page or do I need to do anything extra to select as best pic or to sell. And you will choose from the gallery or only from mission which we supposed to update or just uploaded in our is sufficient. Please help regarding this. Thank you.

    • 73

      Hey Chandrakala! Since we receive thousands of published photos every month, we can’t browse through them all. So, if you’re interested in joining the Photo of the Month contest, the only way to get in on the action is by joining the corresponding mission and uploading your best shots. Wishing you the best of luck!

  48. 78
  49. 79
  50. 80
  51. 81

    This is probably the wrong place to ask this question, but can you tell us when the Youthful Fun mission will be rewarded?

  52. 83

    Will the best of August photos be rewarded soon? The “16 Days Remaining” status on that mission is an error, correct?

    • 84
      • 85

        Ok so if my photos are not shown in the Submitted section, can I assume they are not in the Top Shots showcase, and are not going to be winning any prizes?

        • 86

          Hey Kat, there are 2 missions in the Photo of the Month competition:

          1. The first one is “Upload your photo of the month,” and it’s only visible to Foap Plus users who actively participate in missions. All uploaded shots should appear here.
          2. At the beginning of every month, our team selects the top 100 photos (based on our subjective opinion) that are featured in the mission “Check out the best photos of [month].” If your photos aren’t visible in this mission, they won’t be rewarded this time.

          I’m sorry if this is the case. Best of luck next time!

  53. 87
  54. 89

    Hi Foap team! I’m worried about my pictures, the y aren’t visible on the “accepted “ tab and I uploaded them before the september mission ends, they aren’t visible on the “photos” section. How the people and foap users going to rate and see if my pictures deserves to be chosen if they aren’t visible in nowhere? Thank you!🙏🏽

    FYI: when I uploaded the photos, they not shown in that moment.

  55. 91

    I’ve been wondering for some time why hardly any of my photos are included in the selection for the Photo of the Month mission.
    Sometimes I actually feel like they’re not even being looked at. (Also, for example, in the last combat mission “Summer/Autumn”)
    Personally, I think it’s a shame that some people win multiple times in a mission and others aren’t even selected. It would be nice if more photographers had the chance. There are definitely enough great photos there.
    But that’s just my opinion.

    Unfortunately, I can’t find out which images Foap is looking for in the “Photo of the Month”. I’ve already tried a few things.
    And please don’t get me wrong, I wish everyone their success and I don’t think that every photo I take should win. It’s just about the feeling of being “overlooked”, which I’ve had for some time now

    • 92

      Hello! Our curators look through all the pictures by hand so I assure you noone gets ignored! Sometimes hard decisions need to be made and good photos are put to the side due to limits on the amount of pictures that can be featured. The key is to keep trying every month! 🙂

  56. 93

    Hi! I want to know where I´m going to get paid. The app said 2023-06-30 but it still procesing and I only get the automatic answer by mail. Thank you

  57. 95

    There is some awesome photo ideas in those photos..making me wish i had a better camera ..and a lot more free time to take photos… speciel like the ones in Black and white where the shades are in the water ,or the girl portrait with the frekkles

  58. 96
  59. 97
  60. 98
  61. 99
  62. 100
    • 101

      Hi Mowh! The photo of the month contest is available to Foap plus users who have been actively participating in missions in the last few months, Keep joining missions to be able to participate in the challenge!

  63. 102

    Hello, I’m new to Foap and noticed the October mission said there are still a few days left, yet when you read the mission, it shows it’s already closed. Is this typical? Do missions typically close before they are scheduled to? Being new, I’m still trying to figure out this site and don’t want to miss another opportunity to join a mission. Thank you

    • 103

      Hi Amanda! Thank you for joining! 🙂 The monthly missions are available to active top users so after the month is up, we publish a mission with the best photos from last month so everyone can see them, you can vote for your favorites as well! If you’d like to join a mission for the current month, keep joining missions and being active in the app. 🙂

  64. 104
  65. 105
  66. 106

    I still waiting for my payments for months back. I Think you guys needs to ,do the payments regulary, we all need our money.
    This photography comunity its becoming bigger And bigger ,so i hope everythinc will works fine sooner before later .
    Best .. Heidi.

  67. 108
  68. 109

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