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Photo of the Month – $300 contest for active Foap Plus users

The Photo of the Month is an exclusive $300 challenge for active Foap Plus users only and with much higher chances of winning. The best Foapers choose the best photo!

How does it work?

  • Foap Plus users who joined at least 1 mission in the previous month can find a mission called “Upload your Photo of the Month”, where they can add their photos.
  • Our Team is curating uploaded photos and choosing the best shots.
  • Chosen photos will be featured at the top of our app!
  • One of the best Foap users will choose the Photo of the Month.
  • The other 50 photos will also be rewarded.

The authors of the best photos can also be featured on our social media accounts.



Photo of the Month – Creators Award (August) by tata.fotos

Photo of the Month – Editors’ Choice (August) by laura.ad

The Photo of the Month (September) by leencrombez was chosen by mansymanse and she said:

“I chose this photo as the photo of the month because it made me smile the moment I saw it. Photography is not just about technicalities. It’s not just about the grandest subject nor the most beautiful places. It also helps us to capture a soul. To relay a message. And to spread it for people to see. A smile is indeed contagious.”

The Photo of the Month (October) by @lizwhite was chosen by @shannonfieldsphoto and she said:

“I loved so many of the photos in this mission and there are many that deserve prizes and recognition. I could identify something great about each of them. Ultimately, I chose this photo of horses because it is challenging for a photographer to do a portrait of an animal in a truly original way. The photographer used a classic composition technique of framing the subject, but then did the framing with another horse. So creative! Looking at the photo, I felt myself drawn through the frame toward the subject! Well done!”


The Photo of the Month (November) by @jean-isard was chosen by @meolia and she said:

“It’s out of the box. The image has air and mystery in it. Classic black-and-white palette captivating the eyes of viewers on gorgeous symmetry created by the reflection of the landscape in water.”

The Photo of the Month (December) by dodyk.dodyk was chosen by melissabrock1 and she said:

“The image titled Rice Fields and Mountains in Rural Indonesia is absolutely stunning in such a serene and simplistic way. I love the composition and everything from the leading lines and depth, to the lighting and reflection of the water, to the way it is beautifully broken into thirds feels really welcoming and draws the viewer in. Well done @dodyk.dodgyk!”

The Photo of the Month (January) by vorobushek_arch was chosen by nodar and he said:

“After going through all the great shots several times I stopped on this moody black and white. I feel the energy in this photo and it reminds me of a great classic movie (“The Birds”).”


The Photo of the Month (February) by @lost_stars was chosen by @fotopawel and he said:

“The choice was not easy. I had my eye on a few other photos, but in the end I chose this photo. The world seen from above shows a whole new face. An example is the photo I chose. A person in a hat with a plantation in the background, together they create unique, aesthetic and colorful shapes that attract and make you stop at this photo for longer.”


The Photo of the Month (March) by @takemewo was chosen by @samray and he said:

“From a technical standpoint, it’s composed really well. The subjects of interest are in sharp focus. Also, the rule of thirds allowed for a well balanced composition, with the cup on the lower third line, and the kettle at the junction of the upper third and right third lines. And of course the bright red kettle really gives it that extra pop, especially with a beautifully blurred and muted background of the rugged landscape.

But what really elevates this photo is the story. Go “unplug” with the one you love. Headlines in the news are filled with unpleasantries around the world, and we are surrounded by a constant barrage of digital technology and self-imposed pressure to stay engaged on social media. So, what I see here is simply a man and a woman enjoying the great outdoors together, with a focus only on one another as he pours a cup of hot tea for his partner. I love the relaxed posture of her hand holding the cup. I can feel my tension ease as a viewer. No digitalness, no deadlines. Just quiet contentment.”


The Photo of the Month (April) by @foapper62794 was chosen by @gailstu and she said:

“This stunning image stood out from all the other entries to me because of its crispness, lighting and pop of colour. I think these three factors were the reasons I chose this photo as the winner. Also this photo shouts loudly to me as being the epitome of  “APRIL” with its colourful fresh yellow Springtime flowers and it was actually taken recently in April which I like too !”


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    Should we enter the best of our pictures from the month of July or from our profile or rather something entirely new? A picture that has already been selected in a previous challenge- can it be entered again?

  3. 7

    Pls I kinda find this difficult ? pls where are we to start uploading our pics.
    Moreover, foap is awesome. Thanks, God bless ?

  4. 11
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  6. 15
    • 16

      In the Photo of the Month mission, active Foap Plus users can upload photos in the first month. In the next month, all users will be able to rate photos, and the winners will be announced. Good luck to the participants!

  7. 17
  8. 19

    I completely misunderstood this mission, I thought the first prize was based on votes, I didn’t realise Foap selects the finalists. I was worrying about not getting enough votes, when I should have been more concerned that my photo wasn’t good enough!

    • 20

      Hey Marie, thank you for this feedback. In the most number of missions, even ordinary photos can win, and even “good-enough” quality is ok. “Photo of the Month” and “Photo of the Week” missions are dedicated to the best photographers, and photos need to be truly great here. This is why we decided to moderate it. This information was available in the mission description, but thanks to your feedback, we will try to make it more visible, thank you!

      Also, I know your photos, Marie, they are great, so I was surprised why your photo hasn’t been chosen this time. I just checked it and you uploaded these sunglasses with faces. We thought it was a graphic design, not a photo possible to take without photo manipulation, which is why it is not in the final.

      We will start the new Photo of the Month very soon, please upload one of your best shots that looks like a photo, not a graphic design, and I’m pretty sure you will be in the final 🙂 Good luck!

      • 21

        Thanks! I’m glad you liked my photo and really appreciate the positive feedback ? It was a photo in the sense I took cut outs of mouth shapes (from one of those selfie kits) and placed them on coloured card with the sunglasses. Though I battled with so many reflections and also trying to clean up the backing card that I think my edges lost their definition, so it probably looked more like a graphic. Might re-edit that with more care!

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    I want to ask what if you are asked to send a photo release on Foap but it’s a photo of a person we don’t know because we took a quick photo while passing by on the street while the person in the photo is not recognized and we can’t find the person and we don’t know the address where they live.

    • 36

      Hi Nurseha! Pictures sold on Foap could be used for commercial purposes so it is best to only upload pictures of people you can obtain consent from if their faces can be recognized.

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  29. 48

    This photo is absolutely breathtakingly stunning ? ?? some have even said angelic! Hats are off to you my friend!! The most gorgeous photo I’ve ever seen. ???????

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  32. 52
  33. 53
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