Super Marlene introduces herself

Dear Foapers,

We’ve just had the honor to chat with our dear Foaper Marlene Bocast (@mbocast). With a vast portfolio (1412 photos approved), Marlene shoots everything with great style, from landscapes to drinks.

As we know, behind every amazing photo there is an amazing person. Foapers, meet the amazing Marlene!

Marlene, first of all, tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from? What do you do when you’re not Foaping?

I’m really honored that Foap would want to know more about little ol’ me.

A little about my background…I am a wife, mother of two grown daughters, and a grandmother of one. I live in a suburb of Washington, D.C. (the center of the Universe). My career was with the federal government and an international law enforcement organization. When I’m not taking photos, I’m in photography class, or thinking about where to go to take photos.


For how long have you been Foaping? How did you found out about Foap?

I have to say, without exaggeration, that Foap has changed my life. I have always enjoyed taking pictures, but was slow to embrace digital. One evening, on the news, I overheard the words “photos” and “money”. That certainly piqued my interest!
So I checked out Foap. That was about a year ago. Since then, I have been consumed by taking photos. And since I consider myself a beginner with so much to learn, I take pics of everything!


You belong to the Hall of Mission Winners and are participating in many missions. When a brand picks your photo out of hundreds, thousands, how do you feel?

I love the challenge of the missions. Of course it’s thrilling when a major brand buys your photo, and surprising as well. There are always so many great photos submitted. My feelings usually fluctuate between “well I deserve it” and “why would they buy mine?”. I couldn’t do without the help of my husband and friends who act as my models. We have a great, silly time together.

You are very creative and submit many photos to the Missions. In Supreme Protein’s mission for example, you had several of your photos bought. Do you have any advice to fellow Foapers for reaching great results?

A big part of the challenge of the missions is trying to figure out what it is that the buyer is trying to convey. I would tell other Foapers to read the brief carefully and do a little research on the company. Who will they be targeting?

What kind of brands would you love to see running Missions on Foap?

In terms of brands I would like to see do missions, any alcohol would do. Ha. Actually, maybe something pet related. Foapers take such great shots of their adorable animals!


Do you have any favorite Foapers that you like a little extra and would like to recommend to other Foapers to Follow and check out?

I have to say that when I joined Foap, I never expected the outpouring of support I’ve received from my fellow Foapers. It is so nice to receive positive feedback when I post a pic. I feel like I’ve met some really lovely people through Foap. Here are some Foapers who have inspired me: @admirer_photography, @akilles, @cindysaz1, @deanna93, @disannie, @ellijay, @hollyl69, @howsrus, @ibeliever4ever, my dear friend and mentor @jeanello, @john4320, @julieweiss10 and my friend @pneall, who I introduced to Foap. There are really a lot more people I could name. It seems like I’m always so impressed with new photographers.

I have gotten so much out of participating in Foap, and I appreciate this opportunity to let you know! Thanks!


Thank you Marlene for being a part of Foap and for sharing a little bit more about yourself with us all.



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