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The Winners of “A dog and its Food” mission

Go below to check the Winners 🙂

Are you a dog lover? Have your own pet pooch or maybe you’re just having fun walking your neighbors’ dog when they’re away? This mission is especially for you! We’re gathering a community of dog loving Foapers to give you bespoke mission experiences.

As a Dog Lovers Community member, you not only have a chance to get rewards for the best dogs’ photos but also you will be notified about all opportunities for dog’s friends in the future. You can’t miss it!

How to join? ? It’s super simple:

1. Open the Foap app and go to the mission “A Dog and its Food” (Formerly “Join the Dog Lovers Community”).
2. Upload at least 1 photo of a dog with its food.

This could be a picture of a dog eating, or a dog asking for food, or a dog resting after eating. It needs to be a dog on the photo and an apparent eating theme and yes – it can be funny 🙂

The prizes in this mission are worth $700. If you want to know the details, open the mission in the app. Also, the best photos will be featured on our Facebook and Instagram.

We take the rates and comments into account when choosing winning photos, so don’t forget to comment and rate photos!

What do you think about this idea? Please, let us know in the comments below.

Winners announcement!

In this special mission, there were also special rewards worth in total of $700!

1x The Best photo chosen by the Foap Team ($50)

1x The Best photo chosen by Creators (with votes) ($50)

10x Other photos nominated by the Foap Team ($10)

10 first good quality & consistent with the brief photos

15x good quality & consistent with the brief photos uploaded after the first notification in the app (March 21, 15:45 CET) ($10).

15x good quality & consistent with the brief photos uploaded after the second notification in the app (March 30, 16:40 CET) ($10).

10x The Best comment ($10)

You can check rewarded photos in the app – go to the Missions menu and choose the Winners tab or use search in the Missions tab, find “A Dog and its Food” mission, and go to Photos – Purchased.

And here are the comments we liked the most. The Authors get $10 each!

This photo is incredibly taken by awesome technics. The theme and meaning of this mission is delivered well through the stare of the dog’s eyes. It tells us that it should be no border between dog and human.

joni_art at mattylane6 photo

Super cute photo. This makes my heart melt. Adorable. This is what happiness looks like.

20butterfly20 at mansymanse photo

Very good. Very good focus and excellent light adjustment.

khatibi_mahdiyar at dagiel photo

Stunning photo!!!! Perfect timing and great ankle… such a cute dog making sure all the glasses are clean no need for you to do dishes.

nolene at gailstu photo

Way too freaking cute, but I may be biased since they’re a French Bulldog. I love your composition and lightning. Your eyes go straight to your pup; but overall capture gives you a warm, comforting perception. Beautiful submission! Best of luck!

jaielf at davez986 photo

So adorable picture, nice colors.

mapashe at mansymanse photo

I could picture this in the back of a magazine. Captured the dog’s focus on the owner and the food perfectly, the brand is clear on display and whilst there is stuff in the background, it doesn’t detract from the main theme like some other photos have.

chazzerd at melissabrock1 photo

This is one of the best quality pictures I’ve seen, it looks like it came straight from a magazine or commercial. Very good picture

kristinn50 at melissabrock1 photo

I love Shih-tzu his expression that the macaroni is delicious is incredible. The mug with the phrase gives the photo a special touch. A beautiful photo with very good lighting. Congratulations to you and the dog.

ibarreram at zelmabrezinska photo

Haha, he can pass an actor!!! Awesome shot as always, Mel!

mansymanse at melissabrock1 photo

Congratulations to all Winners!

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  1. 1
  2. 3

    I talk about dogs in a clear way that they are the most beautiful and kindest creatures. I subscribe to this page because I have a street and non-street dog farm

  3. 4
    • 5

      Hi Yulianto! We’re so glad that you like the Dog Lovers mission! Remember, by joining this mission you’re becoming a part of the Dog loving community on Foap which will let you have a more tailored experience on Foap in the future! Isn’t that exciting?

  4. 6

    OH MY GOODNESS, I think this is the best mission of all and the best community page. I love and I mean absolutely love dogs. I have a dog who is not a dog at all. She’s my child, my best friend and my family. After I found my husband dead and one of my son’s dead too, my husband’s family tried to make my life so much more harder. I had no ody and no where to turn to. This beautiful creature has put a smile back on my face and gave me the feeling as if I was needed and wanted. She’s loved me more than anyone could ever and I love her just the same

  5. 8
  6. 9
  7. 10
  8. 11
  9. 12
  10. 13
  11. 14
    • 15
  12. 16
  13. 18
  14. 20
  15. 21
  16. 22

    Not sure if I joined Dog Lovers Community? No indication – mission says 13 days left every day?

    • 23

      Hi Marie! There is a simple way to check it. Open the Foap app, go to the mission “A Dog and its Food” and open “My Photos” where you will find all photos uploaded by you.

  17. 24
    • 25

      Hi Kelly! Of course! 🙂 You can join the challenge through the app. Find the mission in the active missions tab and click “join mission” to upload your photos. Let me know if you need any help!

  18. 26

    I like this mission,, bearing in mind that dog is such a kind animal when treated in good way

  19. 28
  20. 29
  21. 30
  22. 31

    The picture I used is of our dog Pogie who is no longer with us. )’: He was always so funny and would always make us smile and laugh by sitting in the chair at the kitchen table around the holidays. Some would not find that funny but to us our dogs are family and always will be! <3

  23. 32

    I have entered a photo and the dog lovers I mission hopefully it I did it right and it’s accepted the price really is not that important to me the fact that my dogs are my babies they’re in a part of the family and I love him to death and I have I can’t even tell you how many pictures I have of him I have two bagels ones two years old the other ones about eight or nine we’re not sure exactly how old she is she was a rescue dog but I’m glad be part of this photograph of Community and I hope I can do well and do as well as some of the other photographers on this site which are most hairy by the absolutely phenomenal but I’m brand new and I’m trying so thank everybody for your patience and understanding

  24. 34
  25. 36
  26. 37
  27. 38
  28. 40
  29. 41

    I always enjoy taking cute photos of my doggos their apart of my life so I like to catch moments of theirs too.

  30. 43
  31. 45
  32. 46

    I really love dogs as pets . They not only make you happy but also keep you company.
    Well trained dogs could be lovely and friendly.

  33. 47

    I absolutely love this post. Of course my fur baby is the cutest!!!! But we’ll all be put to the challenge once we upload our adorable pups in a food coma.

  34. 48

    Ummmh I think the best is when a dog isn’t just a pet but personal where you can easily tame it and and joke with it.
    And one thing about dogs is that they are so loyal than your girlfriend or boyfriend could ever be

  35. 49
  36. 50
  37. 51
  38. 52

    I have 3 dogs so I love this mission. They’re always eating too so it’s like meant to be. I hope one day to open my own rescue

  39. 54

    Dogs are intelligent animals and know how to help their master when they are in trouble. I like this

  40. 55

    I love my dog ​​and love this mission. And gladly take part. Since I also have five cats, such an assignment with cats would also be great ?

    • 56

      The same here! 😀 Thank you for the comment, Traumwandlerin, Cat Lovers community is very possible in the future, so stay in touch and make notifications from the Foap app on. Meow! 😉

  41. 57
  42. 58

    Yeah, I love my dogs more than myself… Do u know how much I love my pet?!! It comes in every dreams of mine…. His name is *Rock*

  43. 59
  44. 60

    My pets have always been considered family members. I often have people tell me I treat my pets like they’re my children. Well, they are, they’re my fur babies. As a single man, my fur babies keep me from being lonely. They are always happy to see me, and constantly let me know they love me. I have found that animals can be much smarter, understanding and loving than most people.

  45. 61

    I am new to Foap & when I seen that you were doing a dog mission I was so excited. I definitely wanna know about future dog missions. I like the idea that you not only take the ratings into account but you look at the comments as well. Thank you for such a great app & such a great community.

  46. 62
  47. 63

    Salut cher foapper.
    I love dogs.
    When the mission..Lover dog.. will be annonced and also the result of mission ” macro””?
    Jellab abdellatif /Morocco

  48. 65
  49. 67

    Absolutely love the Dog Lovers Category! A dog is your Best friend. Dogs can provide real comfort, companionship, and they sense your inner feelings and thoughts. Dogs also sense when you are lonely, happy, sad, sick and every emotion you may have and they are always there for you; dogs never turn their back on you. Dogs can be super funny, cute, hilarious, thoughtful, and delightful. Dogs can make anyone happy and feel love; maybe it’s a neighbor or children – some even go into assisted homes and nursing homes and brighten up many peoples day. Digs are truly lovers to all!

  50. 69

    I just wanted to make sure I brought it to your attention that your first comment reward was given to someone that copy and pasted that same phrase to almost every photo that was excepted. Almost all of mine have it posted in their comments. I did win one of the best comments, I just don’t think spam commenting is a good way to encourage others to comment; especially since it was the first one you posted and I know a lot of people would’ve saw it on their photos as well. Personally, that discourages me from wanting to participate and go out of my way to create meaningful comments to other competitors; and I fear it will encourage others to create a generalized comment based on the mission and spam post them across the photos.
    Thank you for reading my concern, I hope you have a beautiful day!

    • 70

      Hi Bri, I agree with you that copy-paste comments should not be rewarded. In the next missions, before we decide to reward a comment, we will check other comments by this Foaper. Thank you a lot for pointing this out, thanks to you Foap is a better community for all.

  51. 71

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