How to rate photos

Can you tell the difference between a likable and sellable photo? In a world full of Instagram and Facebook photos, it’s easy to get distracted – what photos should I rate high and low in the Foap app?

Rating photos is not the easiest thing. It’s very hard to know what value a photo possibly may have for a photo buyer. It’s very important to remember that you should always rate a photo not only because you like it – but also – would this photo be possible to sell? Of course, this is something you should think of when uploading as well, but sometimes it’s hard not uploading a photo of that cute dog, even though it’s a bit unsharp. Our community review depends on an educated community that’s fair and honest. A photo of boiled rice may not be the funniest photo, but it’s likely to sell, so give it a fair rate.

Where am I going with this? Well, rate responsibly in the review section – you’ve got the power! And when rating randomly or in a friends portfolio, remember that if you don’t have any opinion about the photo – you can always just swipe to the next.

You are really good at reviewing photos. Use this blogpost as a guide and reminder when you rate. Perhaps you will be even better now?

Rice photo by foaper mjnagle



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